Jay-Z Urges Fans To “Fight For What’s Right & What You Believe” [Video]

Jay-Z Urges Fans To “Fight For What’s Right & What You Believe” [Video]

Rap mogul Jay-Z has been chosen to help encourage eligible voters to fight for their beliefs by appearing in an ad campaign for next month’s Election Day next month.

In a new ad, Jay is seen speaking to fans about the importance of exercising suffrage rights.

During the 2008 presidential race, Jay-Z joined Barack Obama on the campaign trail to encourage young people to vote. With the crucial November elections just a month away, the rapper is once again calling on fans to hit the polls. Watch Jay-Z’s new PSA for Vote Again 2010 and HeadCount.org. “I wanna say something really important but really quick, I’m not gonna preach to you, but we did something really special this year. Just show that our generation changed the world, it never happened before. We absolutely changed the world. We changed the world. So it just goes to show, anything is possible. Fight for what’s right, fight for what you believe in and stay forever young.” (Rolling Stone)

Prior to Barack Obama winning the United States presidential election in 2008, Jay-Z, Diddy and Mary J. Blige launched a “Promote The Vote” campaign throughout the nation.

The trio made their appearances around 10:30 a.m. on Monday (November 3) encouraging city residents to allow their voices to be heard by voting in this historic election between Democrat hopeful Barack Obama and Republican candidate John McCain. The hip-hop moguls were also present at South Florida’s Memorial University yesterday (November 2) hosting their “Last Chance for Change” rally supporting Obama alongside Russell Simmons and Kevin Liles. The hip-hop heavyweights urged voters to stand their ground despite long lines. (Associated Press)

Earlier this year, Jay revealed that he visited the White House during the winter season.

Jay-Z took advantage of his time in the Beltway on Wednesday to visit 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. “I just came from the White House,” he told the audience at the Verizon Center on the Washington, D.C., stop of his Blueprint 3 tour. According to The Washington Post, Hov made the remark during the last minutes of his concert. Officials confirmed to the Post on Thursday (March 4) that President Barack Obama had indeed met with the Brooklyn MC and the pair chatted briefly. In an interview overseas last month, Jay-Z revealed that when he once called President Obama, he heard BP3 playing in the background. (MTV)

The rapper has also previously discussed President Obama’s interest in his music.

Rapper Jay-Z said President Barack Obama was among his biggest fans and that he frequently played the artist’s explicit tunes while exercising, it was reported Friday. The 10-time Grammy award winner said in an interview with U.K. broadcaster the BBC that the President enjoyed working up a sweat to the sounds of Jay-Z’s latest album, Blueprint 3. “Barack loves hip hop. When I called him he was playing Blueprint in the gym,” the star said. (My Fox)

Check out Jay-Z’s new campaign promotion down below:

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