Jay Z Unveils The Blueprint Behind His Latest Venture [Video]

Jay Z Unveils The Blueprint Behind His Latest Venture [Video]

Rap mogul Jay Z is letting the entire world see just how much time and effort is placed into his new signature Comador cigar with a full-fledged tutorial video.

Featured on Jigga’s Life + Times website, viewers are presented with nearly seven minutes of footage focused on his cigar.

Jay Z may currently be on his Magna Carta World Tour, but that doesn’t stop the “Crown” rapper from inking major business deals, including his most recent business venture with cigar brand Cohiba. Enter: the Comador, a top-of-the-line cheroot cigar, currently in the market for purchase. Jhonys Diaz, the VP of Operations, and Francisco Rodriguez, Factory General Manager, show how the tobacco is made, from gathering the leaves to the unique packaging. “We do believe we’ve developed a very, very, thorough and comfort brand to deliver the ultimate smoking pleasure,” Diaz said. (VIBE)

Details of Jay’s latest big business venture scattered across the Internet late last year.

Rapper and entertainment icon Jay Z has announced that he will be releasing a new cigar called the Comador that is being made in collaboration with General Cigar Company and will come out bearing the company’s Cohiba logo. A website dedicated to the cigar has recently gone live, where it is described as being “created by the master blenders of Cohiba” in the Dominican Republic. There has also been a dedicated Twitter account and Facebook page launched for the cigar. The cigar is part of a package that includes a humidor, 21 cigars and a smaller travel case. RocNation.com says that the project has been two-years in the making, and has also featured it on their Facebook page. The final cigar is available in a single 6 x 52 toro vitola. (Half Wheel)

Specific information on what exactly made up the high-class cigar had also surfaced.

The Comador is made from the finest tobacco known to man, taking over two years of blending to create its one of a kind rich flavor. The tobacco is set in a Connecticut broadleaf binder and wrapped in a Connecticut Havana wrap and left to sit for six months in a cedar lined room where the flavor intensifies. (Stupid Dope)

A few years ago, Jigga delved into his appreciation for cigars.

He settles his lanky 6-foot-2 frame into a comfortable-looking straight-back chair and savors the cigar. Though he can name the most expensive bottle of wine or shot of Cognac he’s ever had, he can’t name the most expensive cigar he’s ever smoked. “I like Montecristos–those are probably some of my favorites,” Jay-Z says, referring to Cuban versions of that brand. “But I like a bit of everything: Romeo y Julieta, Partagas. One of my first favorites was Dunhills, when I first started smoking them. But I go back and forth. I think it’s like anything else: sure, you can find good, inexpensive cigars, but the things that are really good are the ones that cost. (Cigar Aficionado)

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Check out the footage:

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