“Jay-Z & Them [Are] Older & Really On Their Way Out The Game”

“Jay-Z & Them [Are] Older & Really On Their Way Out The Game”

Cash Money Records co-founder Baby recently offered an update on the long-awaited Lil Wayne and Drake joint album, as well as plus compared them to The Throne [Jay-Z and Kanye West].

Promising that the collaborative LP is still under way, Baby said he feels Weezy and Drizzy offer a fresher, younger perspective than what Jay and Ye have provided with their new Watch the Throne album.

“It’s older versus younger,” Baby said in an interview. “I listened to a few songs [off Watch The Throne] and it feels like an older feel to me. I think with Drake and Wayne, they young. They young cats. You got 23 and 28. Then you got Jay-Z and them, who are older and really on their way out the game. Then you got Wayne and Drake and them, who are still youthful […] So, it’s two different types of music all the way across the board. But what they’re doing is great — I think it’s great for the game, great for the business, great for retail as a whole. I just think when Wayne and Drake get together is going to be something real special also because we more youthful.” (XXL Mag)

Earlier this week, rapper Waka Flocka Flame took offense to comparisons made between him and rap partner Gucci Mane to The Throne.

“Trying to compare us to Jay-Z [and Kanye] is like comparing [NBA player] Dirk Nowitzki to Larry Bird — that’s disrespectful…That’s like two different classes… I been rappin’ for three years, those folks got 15 years — I’m happy that my name comes in the conversation — even behind Gucc. At the end of the day it’s all respect; I’m a fan of music.” (Rapfix)

Last winter, Drake struck a friendly jab at The Throne, suggesting him and Wayne inspired their joint LP.

“I’ll be on [Tha Carter IV] — we’ve done a great song…We’re going to do another one… and another one. We still got to do that [collaboration] album. I heard two other guys are coming out with an album together, too. There’s two other rappers [that] are coming out with an album together. I don’t know where they got that idea but — I caught wind of it through the grapevine that there’s some other album with two guys rapping on it. [laughs]” (“Tim Westwood TV”)

Prior to Wayne being released from jail over a gun conviction last year, Drake promised a joint album would be put together.

“I went up to Rikers, and me and Wayne agreed that there will be a Lil Wayne/Drake album,” Drake told DJ Envy on MTV’s “Sucker Free.” ” … There’s some things I’m excited for in my life — I’m excited to go perform certain places — but [this project] will probably be one of the most exciting things in my life, because we make music on a different level. It’s just so fun, so comfortable. A whole album? To think about all the things we can do, especially if we’re gonna do 15 songs. Me and him don’t like to do 12, 13 [songs]. We want to do 15, 16. Yeah, Lil Wayne and Drake album.” (MTV)

Check out a recent Baby interview below:

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