Jay Z Should Thank Beyoncé For His Cake, Says Drake [Video]

Jay Z Should Thank Beyoncé For His Cake, Says Drake [Video]

Young Money’s Drake recently talked about locking in some studio time with Beyoncé Knowles-Carter and how Jay Z‘s wife actually helped spark their new Nothing Was The Same track, “Pound Cake.”

According to Drizzy, the standout record came from working with Queen Bey in the recording booth.

“‘Pound Cake’ happened while I was writing for Beyoncé or working with Beyoncé. Not writing for, working with. I hate saying writing for ’cause she’s a phenomenal writer. She has bars on bars,” Drake revealed in an interview. “I sent the song back to Jay, and that was when it almost became a Jay Z song. He’s such a good guy. He was just like, ‘Man, I gave my word.’ … Everybody around him was hype around the song,” added Drizzy. “We’re all so grateful to have Hov. I don’t know what I’d do without that guy sometimes. He’s full of gems, full of advice, and obviously one of the most talented people.” (CRWN)

A few days ago, Drake gave his take on Hov’s “Pound Cake” contribution.

Drake admits that Jay Z took an immediate opportunity to stunt on him during the opening lines of his “Pound Cake” feature on Nothing Was the Same– “I had Benzes before you had braces,” Jay spits — but just a couple of verses later, on “Paris Morton Music 2,” the Toronto rapper makes it clear that he’s expecting mutual respect after putting up consistent wins over the last four years. “The way I came into the game was under somebody’s wing and when people look at me they still see this kid who’s searching for his place, or searching for acceptance, even though that’s not the case,” Drake told MTV News at a FIFA 14 launch party in New York City, referencing earlier days with his mentor Lil Wayne. (MTV)

Earlier this week, Drizzy Drake revealed Queen Bey recently accepted his offer to hook-up and put in some studio time together.

Drake recently sat down with Ryan Seacrest and spoke about a possible collaboration with Beyonce, his admiration for Justin Timberlake and his new album Nothing Was The Same. The rapper focused on the single Started From The Bottom, which is often misinterpreted. Aside from working on his own music, Drake recalled the moment he asked Beyonce to be involved in her upcoming album. “I reached out to her and asked if I could come and be a part of her project and she was kind enough to invite me out there,” he said. “And we did some work together.” … “I’m a Beyonce believer. I really believe strongly in her talent and her position in our generation,” he also told Seacrest. “I think she’s one of the biggest stars ever, but especially for these girls right now. I feel like they need Beyoncé.” (Enstarz)

Back in April, the Toronto native paid homage to Knowles-Carter with his “Girls Love Beyoncé” track.

Drake gives us two songs in one day. After dropping “No New Friends” with DJ Khaled, Drizzy speaks to the ladies on “Girls Love Beyoncé.” He opens up about his love life (“I’ve been avoiding commitment”) and puts the call out for a special lady on the vulnerable R&B jam, produced by Noah “40” Shebib. “I need someone that will help me think of someone besides myself/ I need someone I leave through the front door with ’cause we don’t want to hide no more,” sings October’s Very Own. James Fauntleroy pays homage to B by singing the lyrics to Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name” on the hook. (Rap-Up)

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Check out Drake’s interview:

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