Jay-Z Says Turn Up The Volume, Hints At Big Announcement This Weekend

Jay-Z Says Turn Up The Volume, Hints At Big Announcement This Weekend

A week after chatter claiming Jay-Z would join technology giant Samsung in a music-related venture started, new reports suggest a big unveil will go down this weekend.

While details are still scarce, the mysterious announcement is expected to go down Sunday (June 16).

Within the last week, a rumor popped up suggesting that Samsung and Jay-z were on the verge of a partnership that would include a number of future collaborations. Sure enough, the image above dropped into a our inbox this afternoon through the fine folks at Samsung Mobile, confirming that some sort of partnership is indeed about to become public knowledge. Samsung is asking us all to turn up the volume and tune into game 5 of the NBA Finals on Sunday to witness, something. What yet, we don’t know. For those not familiar with the happenings of that picture, we’re looking at a Samsung device next to a Jesus piece chain and the logo chain for Jay-Z’s Roc-a-Fella records label. (Droid-Life)

Speculation on Jay and Samsung teaming up for a music service bubbled online last week.

Any service the two parties create would likely serve in part as a vehicle for promoting acts signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, not to mention his own music. Samsung already has a subscription-based streaming service, Music Hub, and may be looking to retool or expand it, or launch something completely new and different with Jay-Z. (Forbes)

Recent reports suggested a deal up to $20 million sat on the table for Jigga.

Jay-Z is about to ink a hugely lucrative deal with Samsung Mobile, sources tell Page Six. The contract is said to be worth as much as $20 million. One source said, “The eight-figure deal will be inked in the next few weeks, and is the biggest of its kind. You can speculate that he’ll want to develop some kind of new music-streaming service to promote his acts and music on mobile devices.” (New York Post)

No stranger to big business and new technology, Jay partnered with Duracell last summer.

Jay-Z is linking up with Duracell and Powermat to act as a spokesperson for “Wireless Power Nation,” a phone charging system that will be installed on tables and bars in coffeeshops, restaurants, clubs, gyms, and public venues across the country. Currently, Jay-Z has the service available in his 40/40 Club in New York City. The revolutionary technology allows patrons to charge their phones by simply placing their cell phone or wireless device on the table. Duracell and GM have already used the technology on the Chevy Volt as well, so it is likely that consumers will see this technology in more and more cars in the near future as the technology becomes less expensive and demand increases for the convenience. (STL American)

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