Jay-Z Preps Free Live Streaming New York City Concert

Jay-Z Preps Free Live Streaming New York City Concert

Rap mogul Jay-Z will reportedly perform a free concert at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall tomorrow and offers a free online stream for fans in support of the U.S. men’s basketball team.

Details on the streaming live event have been released today.

The gig is part of the inaugural World Basketball Festival, a pep rally of sorts for Team USA’s upcoming trip to the FIBA World Championship tournament, which kicks off August 28 in Turkey. At tomorrow night’s event, Jay-Z will perform after an on-court showcase by the members of the U.S. team, including Kevin Durant, Rudy Gay, Rajon Rondo, and other NBA stars. A live webcast of the event begins at 6:30 P.M. EST on Thursday –click here for viewing information. Jay-Z also worked with Nike to design a limited edition collection of their Air Force One sneakers, which will be auctioned off as a fundraiser for the rapper’s Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation. (SPIN)

Last June, Jay-Z and Eminem performed outside in New York City for a “Late Show With David Letterman” taping.

First up was Eminem who performed “Not Afraid”, a tell-all track and the first single from “Recovery.” Em looks like he’s in great shape, slim and focused and unfazed by the blazing hot sun. After a break Jay-Z hit the stage, teasing some requests from the crowd then launching into a rowdy rendition of “On To The Next One” from “The Blueprint 3.” (CBS News)

Em and Jay are both set to perform together at two stadium concerts this summer.

The two titans of the hip-hop world attended Wednesday night’s New York-Detroit game at Comerica Park to announce they’d be playing at the Yankees’ ballpark on Sept. 13. Eleven days earlier, though, Jay-Z will be back in the Motor City to play with Eminem at the latter’s hometown ballpark, Comerica. They made the announcement during appearances on several television broadcasts of Wednesday night’s game. (Associated Press)

Aside from performances, Jay-Z is preparing the release of his upcoming book, Decoded.

When Rolling Stone spoke to Jay-Z for our June 2010 cover story, he talked about why he was reluctant to release the autobiographical work, even though it was completed several years ago. “It’s too much. For the book, I was interviewed, people close to me were interviewed. So I was learning a lot of things I didn’t know as a child,” Jay-Z told RS. “It’s not anything I haven’t said in the past, in songs. It’s just more detailed. A song is three minutes long. A book doesn’t have to rhyme, and it has no time limit, so you can say exactly how everything went.” Jay-Z also admitted he was most affected by parts of Decoded that concerned his father, who abandoned the family when Jay-Z was 11. “It was still wrong, at the end of the day, but he did stick around at a time where it wasn’t particularly cool or popular,” Jay-Z said. “He married my mom at a time when guys were just leaving, and you’d never even meet your dad. So it made me ease up a little bit in how I felt about him.” (Rolling Stone)

A live webcast of the Jay-Z concert begins at 6:30 P.M. EST. Click here for viewing options.

Check out some past Jay-Z footage down below:

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