Jay-Z On Overseeing Roc Nation, “Running A Label Is A Bit Like Having Kids”

Jay-Z On Overseeing Roc Nation, “Running A Label Is A Bit Like Having Kids”

While Jay-Z is still expecting his first child with wife Beyonce Knowles-Carter in the near future, Young Hov has compared running his Roc Nation label to being a parent.

For Jay, being there to help artists under his watch is a parent-like quality of being head honcho in charge.

“I think running a label is a bit like having kids,” Hov told MTV News while in New York to promote two charitable Carnegie Hall concerts in February. The Roc Nation CEO’s answer came in response to criticism that he could have done more to endorse J. Cole, who dropped his debut, Cole Word: The Sideline Story, in September. “When you know someone needs more help, you help them,” Jigga said. “When you see that someone can make it on their own … you see Kanye or J. Cole, you see that sort of talent — you let that talent be. You let that talent find its way.” (MTV)

With a growing Roc Nation roster, Jay opened up about his artists’ albums not getting rushed out over the summer.

“J. Cole is pretty close, he’s coming out in September,” Jay told Angie Martinez on August 1st. “He’s got a great album. Jay Electronica is working on a great album as well. He’s pretty close. Bridget Kelly just released — her debut song, ‘Thinking About Forever’ — For me, if you’re gonna come sign to Roc Nation, just realize it’s going to take a second. I’m into artists. I’m not really into putting a single out. It takes a minute to build artists. It’s just true. You can’t come off the street and make a classic. Rarely does that happen. Lauryn Hill was in the business for 700 years before she put out the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. She had to go through some things. You have to go through some things.” (Hot 97)

After signing pop star Willow Smith last year, Jay added producer Jahlil Beats to his team this fall.

“I just want my followers and supporters to know that i love y’all and i appreciate all the love you show me everyday,” he tweeted late Sunday (October 16).

“I feel like i just did the impossible today”

“I signed with Jay-Z and ROCNATIONhttp://lockerz.com/s/147825241″ (Jahlil Beats’ Twitter)

Last year also saw the Roc Nation signing of rapper Jay Electronica.

Another “Jay” has been added to the Roc Nation roster. It was announced yesterday (Nov. 12) that New Orleans rapper Jay Electronica signed with Jay-Z’s personal imprint, joining acts J. Cole and Willow Smith at the recently formed label. And to celebrate, Jay-Z threw a lavish party at New York club The Box that neither Jay E, nor anyone else in attendance, would soon forget. The event — which kicked off at about 10:15 pm and drew head-turning guests like Beyonce and Omarion — was a three-ring circus that included sexy burlesque dancers, an aerial gymnast, a Russian hula-hoop master and a girl whose “talent” was having men shoot arrows at balloons that were strategically positioned over her privates. (Billboard)

Check out some recent Jay-Z footage below:

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