Jay-Z Makes A Big Splash W/ Pharrell, Links W/ Odd Future Member

Jay-Z Makes A Big Splash W/ Pharrell, Links W/ Odd Future Member

Fresh off his Barclays Center concert series, rap mogul Jay-Z is reportedly clocking in studio time with hitmaker Pharrell Williams and Odd Future’s Frank Ocean.

Williams broke the news with an in-studio photo and tweet this week.

Last night (October 8), Pharrell tweeted a picture that has hip-hop fans buzzing. The Neptunes producer posted a photo of himself with Jay-Z and Frank Ocean in the studio, captioned: “Yessur, in the studio with @S_C_ and @frank_ocean.” In a subsequent tweet he said, “Can’t wait for y’all to hear what I’m working on,” referring to Hova as his “big bro” and Ocean as his “lil bro.” So, it seems the collaboration is going to be a family affair. (Exclaim)

No stranger to either music star, Jigga has worked with both Williams and Ocean on hit records.

Jigga has previously worked with Pharrell and Frank in “I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)” and “No Church in the Wild” respectively. Meanwhile, Pharrell and Frank once teamed up for “Sweet Life” which is featured in the Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All star’s solo debut album “Channel Orange.” (Ace Showbiz)

Prior to inking a deal with Sony RED, Odd Future reportedly caught the interest of Jay-Z.

Even Sean “Diddy” Combs is bowing to the wild demands of yet-to-be signed, punk-rock- hip-hop supergroup Odd Future. Music honchos including Roc Nation’s Jay- Z, SRC’s Steve Rifkind and Interscope’s Jimmy Iovine have been fighting to sign the band described as an “urban Sex Pistols.” The anti-establishment band has been having some fun by asking the bigwigs to meet them on their turf. (New York Post)

Last year, Williams admitted he missed an opportunity to sign the West Coast collective.

“I was on my tour bus and my homeboy Scott Vener was like, ‘Yo, you got to hear these kids called Odd Future. It’s this kid Tyler, the Creator. This sh*t is dope. You should sign them.’ It’s funny because I was just bumping their sh*t and looking at all [Tyler’s] YouTubes, you know, where the songs were uploaded on YouTube, just listening to it. And then I found [their manager] Chris Clancy and by the time I found Chris, they were already talking about signing — I missed that boat. I was mad as sh*t but I’m happy because Clancy’s idea to have them as the youngest in charge doing their own sh*t — just all of the stuff I always preach about, he was very head strong about making sure they did that. It had nothing to do with me but it was just interesting to see some sh*t that I had said and things I wanted to see happen were actually happening. Young kids deciding they wanted to do music their way, some sh*t they want to say and just take their destiny by the horns and just go.” (Sucker Free)

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