Jay-Z & Kanye West’s “No Church In The Wild” Director Spills Beans On Music Video Premiere

Jay-Z & Kanye West’s “No Church In The Wild” Director Spills Beans On Music Video Premiere

Fans anxious to see the much talked about Jay-Z and Kanye West “No Church in the Wild” music video will finally have their wishes met with reports claiming it is premiering tomorrow (May 29).

While details are still coming together, the video’s director announced its May 28th premiere.

If you’re battling post-Memorial Day hangovers tomorrow, the cure may come in the form of a new cinematic element from The Throne. According to the film’s director, Romain Gavras the “No Church In The Wild” visual will debut tomorrow. “My new video for jay z and kanye is out tomorrow. #nochurchinthewild” No word as to whether or not Jay or Kanye or even Frank Ocean will appear in the highly anticipated visual. (The Source)

Recently in London, Jay and Yeezy gave fans a sneak peek at the music video.

During their performance last night at London’s 02 Arena, and after playing an inspirational clip set to Louis Armstrong‘s “What a Wonderful World,” Jay-Z and Kanye West played what appears to be a preview of the visuals for “No Church in the Wild,” the Frank Ocean-featuring opening track from Watch the Throne. In the clip, we get (again, what appears to be) Mr. West throwing a flame in slow-motion in some sort of post-apocalyptic society. Hopefully we’ll get the real deal within a next few days, but until then, watch the (very, very loud) clip. (Prefix Mag)

Earlier this month, behind-the-scenes footage from the music video set emerged.

Jay-Z, Kanye West and Frank Ocean take to the street of Prague Czech Republic to begin filming the music video for No church in The Wild, which is off the new hot collaborative album ‘Watch The Throne’. In the filming scenes, two horses carrying police officers are charging down the foggy and cloudy streets with the look of a tough force. This music video is bound to go viral and will definitely receive positive responses from fans, who already love the amazing album and music from these talented artists. (Stupid Dope)

In late April, their “Church” record sparked headlines after inspiring a fan-made sign language music video.

“This video is not an ASL interpretation in any sense, shape or form,” Howard Rosenblum, the chief executive officer of the National Association of the Deaf, told The Huffington Post in an email. “To characterize it as such is to relegate American Sign Language to some form of dance interpretation rather than the true language that it is.” Mark Nakhla, who created the video with some friends, stands by the video, which he says “turned out exactly how we envisioned it, as an interpretation of Kanye and Jay-Z’s song utilizing music, dance and, most importantly, American Sign Language shapes and sign language gestures.” (Huffington Post)

Check out “No Church in the Wild” below:

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