“Jay-Z Is One Of The Nicest N*ggas To Ever Do This Sh*t, [But] Kanye West Is Vicious”

“Jay-Z Is One Of The Nicest N*ggas To Ever Do This Sh*t, [But] Kanye West Is Vicious”

Dipset’s Jim Jones recently shared his thoughts on the upcoming Watch the Throne joint Jay-Z and Kanye West album and revealed who he feels is the better emcee.

Despite his past disputes with Jay, Jones could not deny either of the rap heavyweights’ lyrical prowess.

“I ain’t gon’ front, on the last few [G.O.O.D. Friday] tracks, Kanye had been getting the best of Jay, and that’s just from a fan’s point of view,” Jones said in an interview. “Jay is one of the nicest n*ggas to ever do this sh*t, you can’t take that from him, but Kanye is vicious, his wordplay is vicious, his harmony is vicious and then he keep a good beat on top.” (VIBE)

In 2009, Jones called out Jay for dissing the utilization of auto-tune in rap, with the release of his “D.O.A.” single.

“We’re getting money off of auto-tune, it’s just sounding like somebody’s trying to knock a hustle and I don’t think that’s a little bit gangster if you ask me,” Jones explained on an episode of “106 & Park.” “We getting money. He’s knocking the hustle, ya dig? If these young men are making money off of auto-tune why would you try to stop that, when you got all the money already? I seen him [at Summer Jam], I don’ think he wanted to see me. He almost stopped the whole concert because he said I was in the way of him getting on stage and all of that. But that’s politics for the game, ya dig? How you doing? We back, we ballin’, we poppin’ champagne.” (“106 & Park”)

Jay later said he felt Jones should not be considered his formidable rap opponent.

“Not really that competitive, because the competition isn’t based on real competition,” Jay said in the October 2009 XXL Magazine. “I mean, Game, I’m his f*cking idol. If you ask him and he’s being truthfully honest with you it’s just based off his insecurities and for the most part, pretension. That type of competition doesn’t do anything for me. It’s almost like someone trying to set you up, and everyone knows they’re to set you up –. it’s just dumb. It’s not in the spirit of competition, because he’s not competition for me. He’s not. Not then, not ever — he’d have to improve considerably. Competition for me — is Nas, Eminem. Like Jim Jones? That’s ridiculous to me. So how do I respond to that? I can’t win. If I win, then they’ll be like, ‘See. Now chill. You’re a f*ckin’ bully.’ And if it manages to throw a haymaker from the West Coast, then it’s like ‘Oooooh.’ It’s not even fun. Like, before I did it, because I would diss anybody. Now who has time to do this sh*t everyday? But before, when I was running after the little fat n*gga [Meeno] from Mase‘s camp, I was doing anybody. Anybody said anything. If I thought you said something. When I was running in the streets, I wanted all that type of activity. Nobody wanted nothing. Now everybody’s a tough guy.” (XXL Mag)

Yesterday, Jay-Z and Kanye West released their new single, “H.A.M.”

The ultimate collaboration of current rap royalty is here, as Kanye Westand Jay-Z have unveiled their first single from Watch the Throne, which they’re dubbing “H.A.M.” What might “H.A.M.” stand for? No, it’s not a porky cut of meat you likely ate at Aunt Lucy’s house over the holidays. When Kanye and Jay-Z are involved, the acronym means “hard as a mother——-.” The tune is complete with Roman-style chants, piano solos and all sorts of Kanye-fueled theatrics and grandeur that made his last album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, one of the best-reviewed albums of the year. (Celebuzz)

Check out some recent Jim Jones footage below:

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