Jay-Z Holds Off On “Blueprint III” Follow-Up, “Maybe After I Finish The Tour I’ll Start Another Album”

Jay-Z Holds Off On “Blueprint III” Follow-Up, “Maybe After I Finish The Tour I’ll Start Another Album”

Rapper Jay-Z recently said that work on his Blueprint III follow-up will be underway after his winter tour ends.

Jay says he is still perfecting his touring performances skills.

Mr. Carter tells The Associated Press that he has started thinking about his twelfth studio album. “Maybe after I finish [the ‘BP3′] tour I’ll start another album,” he reveals, adding, “Maybe at the end of the year. We’ll see if the inspiration hits me.” But for now, he’s concentrating on perfecting the second leg of his arena tour. “I’ve been working on my live show for 10 years now, just trying to get it better and better. I used to come out with just a DJ, now I got a band. The production’s gotten bigger and the lighting guy takes off his shoes and he plays to the beat,” he laughs. “The whole thing is being upgraded every single year.” (Rap-Up)

Earlier this month, the rapper said he only had a few ideas toward his next solo project.

“I don’t know,” Jay answered when asked about a release date. “I didn’t really start yet. I got a couple of scraps and I got a couple of ideas. I didn’t really go into the studio yet. I’ve been toying with ideas and direction and things like that. I got one crazy record. To be honest with you, it’s crazy. I got one and we’ll build from there. Whether it comes out this year or next year, it depends on the music and how it’s coming out. I don’t really have any dates.” (MTV)

Last month, Jay said he had not yet fully engaged onto the album.

“Maybe. I got some ideas,” the rapper said about a new album in 2010. “I didn’t start yet, I just got a bunch of ideas. Maybe if I get into a nice zone…I’m on my way, just ideas.” (“The Ed Lover Show”)

Prior to its release last September, the rapper explained the significance of offering fans a new sound with The Blueprint III.

“I keep using this phrase ‘new classic,’ because it has classic sounds and instrumentation, like how music was recorded before. That’s why the whole album cover [features] white instrumentsjust left in the corner, no color. It’s all about the instruments. It feels classic in that approach, but it’s new subject matter, new flows. It’s not like an Amy Winehouse thing: a take on what was already done. I mean, if you listen to ‘D.O.A.’ just the sax alone, those type of sounds. The subject matter is right now. It’s a hot-button issue right now.” (XXL Magazine)

Check out a recent Jay-Z performance down below:

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