Jay-Z Goes From Marcy To Hollywood, Targets Cali Superstars For Roc Nation Sports

Jay-Z Goes From Marcy To Hollywood, Targets Cali Superstars For Roc Nation Sports

Rap mogul Jay-Z is keeping busy these days with a new Magna Carta Holy Grail solo album slated to topple its competition on the sales chart next week and possible plans to recruit some mega Major League Baseball (MLB) stars his Roc Nation Sports.

According to reports, Jigga has his eyes set on overnight Los Angeles Dodgers sensation Yasiel Puig joining his crew.

Burgeoning agent Jay-Z is wooing Los Angeles Dodgers star Yasiel Puig, hoping to add the 22-year-old to the growing stable of athletes he represents, two sources told Yahoo! Sports. During a mid-June trip to New York, Puig was invited to a party at a club Jay-Z owns after a Dodgers teammate passed along the rapper’s contact information, one source said. Between the lifestyle and marketing plan offered by Roc Nation Sports, Puig left the meeting intrigued. While Puig has spoken with at least one more marketing agency in New York, the prospect of his joining Roc Nation as a client covering both baseball contracts and marketing remains a possibility, sources said. (Yahoo Sports)

Along with Puig, Young Hov also wants to throw Oakland Atheletics star Yoenis Cespedes onto the Roc Nation Sports roster.

Jay-Z also is known to be interested in signing another Cuban baseball player, Oakland A’s outfielder Yoenis Cespedes, according to a source. Next week, Cespedes will be in New York, Jay-Z’s hometown, for the Home Run Derby, and Puig could be as well if he wins the Final Vote for the last slot on the National League All-Star team. (Yahoo Sports)

Recently, Roc Nation Sports star Robinson Cano said he did not have to look further than what Jigga represents in deciding to join the team.

“We all know what kind of man he is and what he’s all about,” the Dominican Republic-born slugger said in an interview “It’s always good to be around people like him and share those good moments that he’s into and get some good advice.” (MTV)

The rap mogul takes aim at Cano’s former sports agent on his new Magna Carta Holy Grail album.

Grammy-winning rapper Jay-Z, who can now represent MLB and NBA players as an agent, took the time out of his busy schedule to rap about Scott Boras. Yes, the same Scott Boras that used to represent New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano. Now, Cano is signed with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports. Jay-Z will release his highly-anticipated album “Magna Carta Holy Grail” on Thursday and name-checked Boras on the song, “Crown.” “Scott Boras, you over baby. Robinson Cano, you coming with me,” Jay-Z raps on the song. (Sports Illustrated)

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