Jay-Z Gets Edge On His Brooklyn Team, Owner W/ Nets Website

Jay-Z Gets Edge On His Brooklyn Team, Owner W/ Nets Website

Rap mogul Jay-Z may not control as much of the Brooklyn Nets as owner Mikhail Prokhorov but the minority owner appears in full throttle on “Nets.com.”

While interested fans may expect to see team statistics and news, the page redirects visitors to “JayZOnline.com”

Whoever is behind Nets.com will not stop until Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov goes out and purchases their domain name. Back in October, we thought that Mark Cuban took control of the site just to take shots at Prokhorov but those rumors turned out to be untrue… or so we think. Last month, the website altered its appearance and simply redirected its visitors to the homepage of the New York Knicks. Apparently, the people behind Nets.com are back at it again, but this time, they have taken aim at the most powerful 1/15 of 1 percent owner of any sports franchise, Jay-Z. If their goal is to get Prokhorov to bite the bullet by getting at Hov, think again. Sooner or later, the shenanigans need to end. Please. (Complex)

Once redirected, fans are greeted by a welcome page inviting them to all things related to Jay.

Welcome to Jay-Z Online . com, the webs leading authority on Jay Z. We got all of Hova’s LYRICS , some styling PICTURES. If you need to change your computers clothes and go check out the DOWNLOADS section where WALLPAPERS and AIM ICONS are at. Lastly feel free check out all of our categories above/below and don’t forget to connect with other Game & Hip Hop fans, make your own profile and experience the newest audio & video clips, plus get the latest news, join our community now! (Nets.com)

Hov purchased a small percentage of the Brooklyn Nets in the early 2000’s.

“When Mikhail D. Prokhorov (the billionaire owner of the Brooklyn Nets) bought 80 percent of the team what that does is squeezes down the 100 percent of all the other people into 20 percent. Everybody who had a piece up to that point had their stake divided by five. That’s it. Clearly what Jay’s stake is worth now, you could calculate it if you knew what the team was valued at based on Prokhorov’s purchase and then you could guess how much it’s gone up or down since then. But it’s just simple math. … ” (The Launch Magazine)

Last Monday (November 26), Jay poked fun at New York Knicks fans after the Nets won their rescheduled match-up.

Jay-Z’s 99 problems apparently don’t include the Knicks. At least not anymore. “The city is under new management,” the rap mogul tweeted after Monday’s 96-89 overtime victory over the Knicks. The Nets are now 3-0 with the minority owner in attendance. He watched courtside next to his superstar wife, Beyonce. Richard Gere and Michael Strahan were also at the Barclays Center. (New York Daily News)

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