Jay-Z & Eminem Lit Flame Under Dr. Dre

Jay-Z & Eminem Lit Flame Under Dr. Dre

West Coast rap pioneer Dr. Dre recently recalled being invited to Eminem and Jay-Z‘s recent hometown concerts and hitting the stage in front of sold-out crowds sparked a match under him.

According to “The Doc,” experiencing the feel of a live audience in Detroit and New York City inspired him to hit the studio.

“Being on the stage with Eminem and Jay-Z was one of the most incredible feelings I’ve felt in a long time. It inspired me, it made me want to hurry up and get back in the studio and put more effort and more work into my own project,” Dre said in an interview. “The response from the people out there was just incredible. It let me know that I still got love out there and I’m not wasting my time in the studio with what I’m doing, with the music or with all the Beats product that we’re putting out.” (MTV)

In addition to Dre, other surprise guests at Em and Jay’s shows included Young Money‘s Drake.

The majority of the guests came out during Eminem’s 100-minute headlining set, which followed Jay-Z’s meaty opening performance. Before long, the cameos were piling up like the junker cars that lined Em’s set: Drake joined him for “Forever,” returning a favor for when Em appeared at the Toronto rapper’s hometown performance earlier this summer; 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks came on for mini-set of 50 Cent songs, including “Patiently Waiting” and “In Da Club.” (Detroit News)

After Dre’s appearance at Jay’s Yankee Stadium show, the producer said fans could expect to hear fresh new music on his upcoming Detox album.

“It’s no leaks that came out that are going on the record,” Dre promised in an interview last week. “I got hard new sh*t. I had a little bit of a leak in my security and what have you but I got new sh*t coming and trust me, it will not be anticippointment, you know what I mean? Y’all n*ggas gonna love this sh*t. Yeah!” (AMW DJ IRoc)

Despite Dre’s new motivation, he recently said Detox would likely drop no sooner than December.

When asked at Wednesday’s Beats by Dr. Dre fall presentation when the follow-up to The Chronic 2001 would arrive, the Doc said, “That’s a good question. In a perfect world, you know I’m really trying to make Christmas, but we’ll see,” adding, “Something will definitely be out.” The hip-hop pioneer has been recording non-stop. “I’m actually working on it every day.” He is making sure to take his time so he doesn’t disappoint fans. “I just have to make sure I don’t accomplish this word: anticippointment.” Interscope chairman Jimmy Iovine seemed less confident of the drop date, joking that Christmas may have to move for Dre. “I feel that if it comes down to it, Dre will move Christmas. We support him 1000 percent.” (Rap-Up)

Check out footage of Dr. Dre backstage at Yankee Stadium below:

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