Jay-Z & Diddy Stand By Their Prez, “We Gotta Have His Back”

Jay-Z & Diddy Stand By Their Prez, “We Gotta Have His Back”

Rap moguls Diddy and Jay-Z called in to New York City’s Hot 97 radio station moments after yesterday’s presidential inauguration revealing their reactions to Barack Obama‘s induction.

The duo affirmed their willingness to work towards helping the new president.

“The love, the pure love that was just spread. Everybody’s just taking care of everybody. Everybody’s ready to go to work to help this man. His speech was so elegant, so strong, so presidential,” Diddy explained.

“We gotta help him. We gotta absolutely have his back. We have to do all we can. We have to do whatever community service to help ’cause this is not an easy job. You don’t clap your hands and this thing goes away. He took on a very hard job. The worst job in the world. The best job and the worst job ’cause he has so much to do. And the people really have to understand that,” Jay-Z said. (Angie Martinez Show)

Diddy recently became emotional on the eve of yesterday’s inauguration.

“I just wanted to share with y’all some feelings that I have — some real, like, personal feelings,” Diddy said in a vlog post. “One of the most beautiful things about this situation and Barack Obama is it’s even had me reflect on myself. It’s even had me talk to myself and say, ‘I can be greater, I could do more, I could give more, I could have even more of a positive impact.’ And I can help more people. (Diddy Blog)

Both Jay and Diddy are known for publicly displaying their support for Barack.

Jay-Z, Diddy and Mary J. Blige united Monday morning in North Philadelphia continuing their “Promote The Vote” campaign for tomorrow’s presidential election. the trio made their appearances around 10:30 a.m. on Monday (November 3) encouraging city residents to allow their voices to be heard by voting in this historic election between Democrat hopeful Barack Obama and Republican candidate John McCain. (SOHH)

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