Jay-Z Clowns Jay Electronica: “He’s Like, ‘Ohh, You Still Perform? Ha’ – He Always Has Jokes Like That”

Jay-Z Clowns Jay Electronica: “He’s Like, ‘Ohh, You Still Perform? Ha’ – He Always Has Jokes Like That”

Roc Nation’s Jay Electornica made a surprise appearance at Jay-Z‘s Made In America Philadelphia music festival yesterday (September 1) and revealed a playful exchange he had with Jigga.

Jay Elect, who still has the world awaiting his Roc Nation debut, revealed what Young Hov told him when he inquired about possibly ripping the Philly stage.

During the final minutes of his performance, the New Orleans native jumped into the crowd to get better acquainted with fans and it took him quite awhile to fight his way out. When he finally emerged, he explained that he actually hit up Jay-Z about performing at the Philadelphia festival. “Actually I sent him an email saying, ‘You didn’t ask me to perform at Made in America,” Elect told MTV News, laughing at his boss’ reply. “He’s like, ‘ Ohh, you still perform? Ha.’ You know. He always has jokes like that.” Jay Electronica has been largely absent from the spotlight in recent months, making fans question whether or not they would ever see his Roc Nation album materialize, but this performance was part of the process. “It’s Jay’s festival and it’s Philly at the same time, it’s a good way to get my feet back wet,” he said. “I’ve been missing from the stage for a long time. Its a good way to come back.” (MTV)

Back in March, The Roots’ Questlove said Jay could not get enough of Elect’s long-awaited debut.

“I told Jay, ‘You ain’t getting that record until 2015,’ and he hit me like, ‘I got the record, I got the record,’ I’m like, ‘You’re not releasing that record until 2015.’ … Actually, Jay, Shawn Carter, has the record, listens to it constantly. He says it’s his favorite record of 2012. He said it has no single on it though. But it’s his favorite record. [Is it on Def Jam?] No, he signed Jay Electronica. He’s on Roc Nation. Jay wants a single.” (The Champs)

A few weeks prior, Electronica announced his album’s completion.

“Dear Believers and Patient Supporters. Thank you for your patience and support. The Album will be turned in Tomorrow evening. The wait ends.,” he tweeted March 8th. (Jay Electronica’s Twitter)

Last summer, Jigga talked about his label’s reluctance to rush album releases.

J. Cole is pretty close, he’s coming out in September,” Jay told Angie Martinez on August 1st. “He’s got a great album. Jay Electronica is working on a great album as well. He’s pretty close. Bridget Kelly just released — her debut song, ‘Thinking About Forever’ — For me, if you’re gonna come sign to Roc Nation, just realize it’s going to take a second. I’m into artists. I’m not really into putting a single out. It takes a minute to build artists. It’s just true. You can’t come off the street and make a classic. Rarely does that happen. Lauryn Hill was in the business for 700 years before she put out the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. She had to go through some things. You have to go through some things.” (Hot 97)

Check out some past Jay Electronica footage below:

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