Jay-Z Clears Up “Blueprint 3″ Rumors, “I Gotta Really Let People Know What Time It Is” [Video]

Jay-Z Clears Up “Blueprint 3″ Rumors, “I Gotta Really Let People Know What Time It Is” [Video]

Hip-Hop mogul Jay-Z has addressed the recent rumors revolving around his upcoming Blueprint 3 album and claimed his need for independence forced him to overpay his Def Jam contractual buy-out last month.

Speaking with radio personalities Funkmaster Flex and Mister Cee, Jay also addressed the motivation behind his new street single “D.OA. (Death of Autotune).”

“I’m just saying, let’s move it forward,” Jay said in a phone interview. “The guys who did it, did it great. If you listen to T-Pain, like you know, he does great melodies. You listen to Kanye [West], if you listen to ‘Say You Will’ or ‘Heartbreak,’ great melodies. ‘Lollipop’ was a fantastic melody. Now everybody can’t do it, let them guys do it, they got their lil’ niche. Now lets move on… My intention was just to draw a line in the sand, ‘this is what I do.’ Blueprint 3. I’m ready, I got the foundation and I’m ready to blast off. I’m pretty much at the launching pad right now. I bought my album back, I overpaid for it because I believe at this point in my career, you know, I wanted to be totally independent and free. Def Jam and Universal did a beautiful thing, they let me pay, they overcharged me a little bit, but I appreciate all the years they put into my career…I’m working with Atlantic, they gonna distribute the album. They’re dong a fantastic job and by the way, I get a chance to connect with the people I started my career with.” (Miss Info)

Jay debuted his first track from Blueprint 3 last night via New York City radio station Hot 97.

“Good-byyyyeeee,” Jay raps in the chorus. “Only rapper to re-write history without a pen/No I.D. on the track let the story begin, begin, begin/This is anti-autotune/Death of the ringtone/This ain’t for iTunes/This ain’t for sing-a-longs/This is [Frank] Sinatra at the opera/Bring a blonde, preferably with a fat a** who can sing a song/Wrong, this ain’t politically correct/This might offend my political connects/My raps don’t have melodies…May get your chain token/May do it myself, I’m so Brooklyn/I know we facin’ a recession, but the music y’all makin’ gon’ make it the Great Depression/Or your lack of aggression/Pull your skirt back down…This ain’t a No. 1 record/This is practically assault with a deadly weapon/I made this just for Flex and Mister Cee, I want people to feel threatened.” (Hot 97)

Reports last month said Jay paid around $5 million to be released from Def Jam.

As Roc Nation, Jay-Z’s new home under the Live Nation umbrella, takes shape, the hip-hop superstar has reportedly bought back the last remaining record on his Island Def Jam deal for what some say is a whopping $5 million, raising a number of intriguing questions. How does the album figure into the plans of Roc Nation’s brain trust, which also includes the A&R-savvy Jay Brown and Tata, as well as Jay-Z’s business manager John Menielly? How will it be marketed and distributed? Will Roc Nation employ a traditional distribution channel or take the LP direct to retail? (Hits Daily Double)

Jigga later confirmed the buy-out and his departure from the iconic record label.

“I can honestly say, working with Doug Morris and LA Reid has been a unique and fulfilling experience and I respect them immensely,” Jay said in an interview. “I’ve been in the family for almost my entire career. Doug and I spoke directly and had one of the most unique ‘negotiations’ ever. Doug won the toss but, we both won in the end…I thank him for allowing me to be a completely independent artist. Not every artist can say they own or are given the opportunity to own all of their music.” (Rap Radar)

The Blueprint 3 will reportedly be released Friday, September 11.

Check out Jay’s “D.O.A.” debut on Hot 97 below:

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