Jay-Z Calls Out Sick For Obama Concert


With a highly expected bonus “Last Chance for Change” performance originally scheduled for Monday afternoon (October 6) in Miami, Jay-Z surprisingly canceled his appearance at the last minute due to throat problems.

According to Florida’s local CBS news network, the hip-hop mogul failed to show up because he reportedly encountered strains in his lungs from performing the previous two evenings at Miami’s Bayfront Park and in Detroit, Michigan. Despite drawing in large crowds to support Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama and to remind fans of the final days of voter registration, there was no loss in profits since the free event was for charity purposes.

As previously reported by SOHH, the multi-platinum selling rapper attracted many young voters on Sunday to the events as he hit the stage in front of over 18,000 fans to voice his thoughts and support the upcoming election.

According to the Miami New-Times, Jay’s run in Florida turned out very well, gaining the crowd’s attention for hours.

“I’m a free American citizen stating my f*cking opinion,” he reportedly told the audience. “I ain’t the Reverend [Jesse Jackson].”

Preceded by former Fugees‘ leader Wyclef Jean who offered the crowd a more soul and guitar string-driven performance, the Brooklyn-bred, New York rapper gave fans a long-awaited opportunity to experience his most popular hits. The excitement behind the performances led to the rapper adding the unexpected canceled show at the Bayford Park venue yesterday afternoon.

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