Jay Z & Beyoncé Eat Up Vegan Challenge, Chew Out 22-Day Diet

Jay Z & Beyoncé Eat Up Vegan Challenge, Chew Out 22-Day Diet

Rap mogul Jay Z and Beyoncé Knowles-Carter have reportedly passed their 22-day vegan diet challenge with flying colors, opting out eating and using meat animal products.

According to reports, the couple completed the challenge and continued their vegan lifestyle over the weekend.

Mission accomplished! Beyoncé and Jay Z have completed their 22-day vegan challenge. The couple decided to eliminate meat and animal products from their diets until Christmas, the rapper announced via his Life + Times blog just one day before his 44th birthday on Dec. 3. A source tells E! News that the “Drunk in Love” collaborators dined at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen in Norcross, Ga., over the weekend. The spouses of five years traveled south to Miami, where they once again opted to eat seafood. (E! Online)

Earlier this month, Jay celebrated his 44th birthday with Bey at a popular vegan-based restaurant.

It’s only Day 1, but Beyonce and Jay-Z are serious as a heart attack about adopting a no-meat diet … because they just pigged out at a classy vegan lunch joint in L.A. to celebrate Jay’s 44th birthday. Bey and Jay ordered a variety of organic vegan menu items at Cafe Gratitude — a place that touts its food and its people as “a celebration of our aliveness.” B&J have said they’re going on a 22-day plant-based diet to become more spiritual … and they chose today — Jay-Z’s birthday — as the day to start. (TMZ)

Young Hov broke the vegan diet news to fans via his Life + Times lifestyle website.

“Psychologists have said it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. On the 22nd day, you’ve found the way. On December 3rd, one day before my 44th birthday I will embark on a 22 Days challenge to go completely vegan, or as I prefer to call it, plant-based!! This all began a few months back when a good friend and vegan challenged me to embrace a “plant-based breakfast” everyday. It was surprisingly easier on me than I thought… Why now? There’s something spiritual to me about it being my 44th birthday and the serendipity behind the number of days in this challenge; 22 (2+2=4) coupled with the fact that the challenge ends on Christmas day…It just feels right!” (Life + Times)

Jigga also revealed Beyoncé would take part in the challenge.

“So you can call it a spiritual and physical cleanse. I will post my progress… Any professional vegans out there that have any great food spots please help out! Please ha. I don’t know what happens after Christmas. A semi-vegan, a full plant-based diet? Or just a spiritual and physical challenge? We’ll see… Best of luck and health! P.S. B is also joining me. I will let my friend Marco explain the benefits of a plant based diet here.” (Life + Times)

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