Jay-Z Balls So Hard, Laces Up NBA 2K13 [Video]

Jay-Z Balls So Hard, Laces Up NBA 2K13 [Video]

Rap mogul Jay-Z‘s portfolio continues to expand as new reports claim the Brooklyn Nets minority owner will executive produce the upcoming NBA 2K13 video game.

Just over two months away from the game hitting store shelves, Hovi broke the news through a viral clip posted on his Life + Times lifestyle website.

Rapper and Brooklyn Nets part-owner Jay-Z is set to executive produce NBA 2K13, the 13th installment in 2K Sport’s popular basketball game series. The news was revealed via his Life + Times website in a trailer featuring his song “Public Service Announcement” from “The Black Album.” The 24-second viral video is narrated by Michael Jordan and also showcases the cover baring Jay-Z’s name in the top right corner. NBA 2K13 is currently available for pre-order and is set to hit shelves on October 2. While it’s unclear the type of music Jay-Z has in mind for the soundtrack, in the past, both indie rock and hip-hop music have been featured. (Billboard)

Some bloggers have questioned just how much of an impact Jigga will have as the game’s executive producer.

Jay-Z’s obviously not going to oversee quality assurance, run focus groups, or do anything that actually affects the game itself. Considering he’s an international star and a part-owner of an NBA franchise (the Brooklyn Nets), though, he’s in a good position to help 2K promote the game. I suppose signing him up isn’t that much different than paying NBA players to appear on the cover: you’re handing money to a celebrity in hopes that the public’s affection for them will rub off on your product. (Cinema Blend)

Last month, NBA 2K13‘s three all-star cover athletes were revealed.

Most of the excitement in L.A. last season centered on the dunks the Clippers threw down and less on the aging Lakers. With the purple-and-gold bowing out in the Western Conference semifinals, all eyes were on LeBron James and Kevin Durant battling for league supremacy. And only three years after Bryant appeared on the cover of the NBA 2K video game, it is now embracing up-and-coming albeit less accomplished NBA stars. “NBA 2K13″ will feature the Clippers’ Blake Griffin, Oklahoma City’s Durant and Chicago’s Derrick Rose on the cover, The Times has learned. (Los Angeles Times)

Last year’s game featured three NBA legends, however, each had his own solo cover.

The game, which shipped five million units in its last incarnation, previously featured Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Michael Jordan in a triptych of covers individually released with one legend per cover. This year’s model will feature all three stars on the cover at once. (Yahoo News)

Check out the NBA 2K13 teaser below:

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