Jay Electronica Responds To When Fans Can Expect His Debut To Drop

Jay Electronica Responds To When Fans Can Expect His Debut To Drop

Roc Nation’s Jay Electronica showed off a little tension recently when asked about the status of his long-awaited and highly anticipated debut album, Act II: The Patents of Nobility.

According to reports, Jay Elect shut down a reporter when she inquired about the LP’s release date.

The interviewer did get a chance to ask Jay about a possible release date for the long-anticipated Act II, the real question every Jay Electronica fan wants to ask the New Orleans native. In response, Jay merely smirked before saying, “She’s trying to put me on the spot. The album comes out on the day that it comes out.” And with that, the interview was over. So to recap, Jay Electronica may or may not be done with Act II, it may or may not be “his time,” and we will likely be left in the lurch for at least another year. Typical. (Complex)

Recently, one of the album’s contributing producers said Jay Elect’s LP is going through the final stages.

Jeymes Samuel, also know by his stage name The Bullitts, has revealed that Jay Electronica’s long delayed album is nearing completion. Samuel is one of the producers on the Jay-Z-signed rapper’s debut release. Speaking to NME, the English artist said: “Honestly, it’s in the last stages of recording. It’s just tinkering. Just putting the final… you know when a builder builds a house? And when he’s finished the walls he gives them one little brush over like a once over? And then the album will be done.” (NME)

The producer even compared it amongst the likes of Jay-Z‘s new Magna Carta Holy Grail and Kanye West‘s Yeezus solo albums.

Signed by Jay Z to Roc Nation in 2010, Jay Electronica tweeted, “ok, now it’s my turn,” hours after Jay Z released his latest album ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’. Samuel explained: “His album is amazing, it’s remarkable. It is the perfect… It goes hand in hand with ‘Yeezus’ and ‘Magna Carta…’. They go hand in hand… Also, also… It’s weird how Jay Z is intricately involved with all of us, but all the albums sound so different.” Jay Electronica previously appeared on The Bullitts’ track ‘Close Your Eyes’ on the debut studio album, ‘They Die By Dawn & Other Short Stories…’. He first gained widespread attention when he released ‘Act 1: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge)’ on MySpace in 2007. (NME)

In September 2012, Electronica joked about Roc Nation CEO Jay-Z not taking his music career seriously.

During the final minutes of his performance, the New Orleans native jumped into the crowd to get better acquainted with fans and it took him quite awhile to fight his way out. When he finally emerged, he explained that he actually hit up Jay-Z about performing at the Philadelphia festival. “Actually I sent him an email saying, ‘You didn’t ask me to perform at Made in America,” Elect told MTV News, laughing at his boss’ reply. “He’s like, ‘ Ohh, you still perform? Ha.’ You know. He always has jokes like that.” Jay Electronica has been largely absent from the spotlight in recent months, making fans question whether or not they would ever see his Roc Nation album materialize, but this performance was part of the process. “It’s Jay’s festival and it’s Philly at the same time, it’s a good way to get my feet back wet,” he said. “I’ve been missing from the stage for a long time. Its a good way to come back.” (MTV)

Last year, Jay Elect announced the completion of his long-awaited Roc Nation debut.

“Dear Believers and Patient Supporters. Thank you for your patience and support. The Album will be turned in Tomorrow evening. The wait ends.,” he tweeted March 8th. (Jay Electronica’s Twitter)

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