Jay Electronica Faces Off W/ Based God, “This Project Is Gonna Be Historical”

Jay Electronica Faces Off W/ Based God, “This Project Is Gonna Be Historical”

Roc Nation’s Jay Electronica is reportedly heading into the studio to begin work on a new EP alongside The Pack frontman Lil B the Based God.

According to B, the untitled EP will take on a spiritual approach.

“If you listen to Jay Electronica’s first mixtape that he had ‘Exhibit C’ on, and if you really listen to him, there’s a lot of stuff that I feel in my heart are similarities,” B explained in an interview. “You know, like, subject matter. It’s another level that we’re in tune on, because we’re here for the positivity and to make a change…This project with Jay is gonna be very spiritual, very uplifting, very deep. It will be historical.” (MTV)

Recently, producer 9th Wonder gave props to Lil B’s music.

“Lil B reached out to me 3 or 4 months ago on Twitter and told me he’s a big fan of myself and Murs,” 9th revealed in an interview. “At the time I didn’t know who he was, so I Google’d his stuff, and I was like “ooo-kay” [Laughs]. I saw ‘Wonton Soup’ and all that. Then, the Twitter world started going crazy off the fact that I was even talking to Lil B…It wasn’t until he released a record with Tony Yayo called ‘Based,’ that Khrysis told me to check out. I heard it and he was saying some stuff on there — I was digging it — so of course I hit him back on Twitter to tell him. He was just really adamant about getting up. I told him if we get up — you can’t do no ‘Wonton Soup’ [Laughs]. And he knew it.” (VIBE)

Electronica made headlines last fall, after formally joining Jay-Z‘s Roc Nation label.

Another “Jay” has been added to the Roc Nation roster. It was announced yesterday (Nov. 12) that New Orleans rapper Jay Electronica signed with Jay-Z’s personal imprint, joining acts J. Cole and Willow Smith at the recently formed label. And to celebrate, Jay-Z threw a lavish party at New York club The Box that neither Jay E, nor anyone else in attendance, would soon forget. The event — which kicked off at about 10:15 pm and drew head-turning guests like Beyonce and Omarion — was a three-ring circus that included sexy burlesque dancers, an aerial gymnast, a Russian hula-hoop master and a girl whose “talent” was having men shoot arrows at balloons that were strategically positioned over her privates. (Billboard)

Outside of working on the Lil B joint EP, Jay Elect recently displayed his admiration toward rap veteran Nas.

“Working with Nas is good; it’s an honor and a privilege,” Jay Electronica said in an interview. “Because he someone you look up to coming up. When you look at Nas, it’s not even an argument–he’s one of the greatest to ever do it. The only argument is if he is the greatest, so it’s exciting. As a swordsman, it’s always exciting meeting another swordsman. How does he swing his?” (“The Come Up Show”)

A release date for the EP has not yet been revealed.

Check out some recent Lil B footage down below:

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