Jay Electronica Explains “Ghost of Christopher Wallace” Track, “I Was Really Trying To Invoke The Energy Of B.I.G.”

Jay Electronica Explains “Ghost of Christopher Wallace” Track, “I Was Really Trying To Invoke The Energy Of B.I.G.”

After Friday’s release of his “Ghost of Christopher Wallace” song, Jay Electronica hit up SOHH during the Converse Band of Ballers tournament in Atlanta to explain where the Notorious B.I.G. reference track stemmed from.

Jay Elect said the production came from a randomly selected Twitter follower.

“I got the beat from somebody on Twitter,” he told SOHH. “I was accepting beats over ichat and that was one of the tracks I got from a producer. Quincy Tones was his name and I called up Puff just to get some feedback on it. He was like “Yo, it’s crazy, let’s go.” So we went to the studio and did it. I was really just trying to invoke the energy of Big on it so that’s why we call it the ‘Ghost of Christopher Wallace.’ I don’t know [if it’ll end up on a project]. It was just a song. I was inspired to do it when I heard the music and we just put it out. I aint really to into… I like giving. I like giving stuff away.” (SOHH)

The song debuted on New York radio personality Angela Yee‘s show.

Jay Electronica and Diddy sparked a little buzz, and a little mixed reaction, when it was announced they would be working together. Word has it that although Diddy wanted to sign Jay Electronica in the past, Jay declined. This time however, one of hip hop’s most talked about MCs has linked with one of hip hop’s most talkative hypeman, and the result, the oddly-titled (and apparently unfinished) “Ghost of Christopher Wallace”, was debuted on Angela Yee’s show. (Birthplace Magazine)

Jay also said his song was more so about sparking the energy of a rapper.

But Jay Elect said the song was meant to inspire a mood more than serve as a tribute to the slain rap superstar. “I like a lot of the music that’s out [now], but I don’t get excited like I used to get about rap music,” he told Shade 45 morning host Angela Yee. “More often than not when I click on new music and it feels good and I like it, it can be good, it can be great, but I don’t necessarily get that feeling I used to get. I just think when Big was around, that time period when people used to rhyme, it was more than just the rhyme and the skill, it was the spirit of the person that you could tap in to. I really wanted to invoke that energy.” (MTV)

In addition to Puff, Electronica has also received a co-sign from rap veteran Nas.

“Ah man, it’s love man,” Nas said about rappers co-signing him as a main influence in their music. “It never ceases to amaze me, I’m just happy that I’m here and I’m happy that all the other dudes are out there. I’m inspired by all the guys you’re probably talking about. I’m inspired by them too…It’s all good, there’s all kinds of things going on now, it’s always shifting. One area of the world will dominate rap music and then Mid-West and The South and The West, it just rotates and everybody gets their say. [For new artists?] Jay Electronica, I’m really, I’m digging him right now.” (Young Hollywood)

Check out Jay Electronica’s “Ghost of Christopher Wallace” below:

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