Jay Electronica Calls Out RZA’s Southern MC Remarks, “You Said Some Crazy Wild Sh*t” [Video]

Jay Electronica Calls Out RZA’s Southern MC Remarks, “You Said Some Crazy Wild Sh*t” [Video]

Rapper Jay Electronica recently spoke on his past issues with RZA after the Wu-Tang Clan leader reportedly made comments dissing Southern emcees.

According to Jay, he respects RZA but was offended by the producer’s remarks.

“Particularly, RZA, I love RZA and I love the Wu-Tang, but I remember RZA — he said some real ridiculous stupid, ignorant things about the South,” Jay explained in an interview. “And he’s from Ohio or something like that about New York from another place. I don’t give a f*ck where you’re from, whether you were born and raised in Brooklyn, where’s your grandparents from? Where’s your great grandparents from? He was saying something to the effect of like, they were talking about the down South music and I think Lil Jon was big at the time — he was talking about the lyricism and quality of music. He was saying, ‘Yeah, we were doing this a long time ago,’ but then when you start talking about the intelligence level, which is a very unwise thing to do and is very disrespectful, because you’re running around saying all these things — this is the first time I’m ever saying this publicly too, peace on RZA he’s a great brother [but] also, RZA, you said some crazy wild sh*t…I put it in a record called ‘I Feel Good’ which I did a long, long time ago.” (The Most Influential)

Last March, Jay discussed his initial problems with telling artists he was from the South.

“I have to admit, you know, a few years ago, I wouldn’t have admitted this — or maybe I wouldn’t have been conscious of it in a way to admit or be embarrassed — but in my earlier years from when I first left home, I was embarrassed from being from the South,” he explained in an interview. “Not in general, but as a rapper because all of the negative things that people in the States put on the South. Like, ‘The South, they’re slow. They move slow, they think slow, they’re less intelligent. They’re less exposed, they’re underexposed, they’re more sheltered.’ So as a rapper — I’ve been rapping since I was 10 years old — I always had a feeling of ‘I’m gonna show you’ because we down here doing it. Not that I was embarrassed necessarily — I don’t know if that’s the correct word — but I know that when I left home, if someone had heard my accent and heard where I was from, the door was immediately closed.” (MTV)

Coincidentally, New York’s DJ Kay Slay previously explained why record labels are catering more to Southern artists.

Papoose would do better on an independent right now because majors are really geared towards Southern artists or high profile artists that’s been known for selling records,” Slay said in an interview. “They don’t wanna gamble too much with no new artists.” (XXL Mag)

Rapper Saigon also discussed the South’s popularity in a recent interview.

“All of us got caught up in the emergence of the South movement,” Sai said about the delay of New York rap newcomers. “All of us came on the scene when the South was really makin’ their move to take over. The record companies was like ‘F*ck the New York n*ggas, the South sh*t is where it’s at.'” (Q The Question)

Check out Jay Electronica speaking on RZA below:

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