Jamie Foxx Turns Up The Heat For New Album, Taps T-Pain And More

Jamie Foxx
Academy Award winning singer Jamie Foxx has tagged mega rap stars T.I., Kanye West, T-Pain and more for his album Intuition, which drops later this month.

According to Billboard, the actor-turned-mega singer will look to out-do his previous multi-platinum 2005 release Unpredictable by offering fans a more fast paced project.

“Unpredictable was more, like, slow bedroom things, which was great but when I went on the road we had all these ballads, so sometimes I had to work a little harder to keep people’s attention,” Foxx told Billboard. “[Now,] we’ve got all these legitimate club, international hits and the tempo is up. People hear this record and go absolutely nuts for it.”

Despite collaborations with hip-hop stars like The Game, Ludacris and Common, Foxx claims he still feels like there’s more to prove for the rap community.

“I think people are slowly wanting to work with me more as far as music is concerned,” he added. “I do run into a lot of roadblocks. I’ve been trying to break down those sort of preconceived thoughts that this is just a hobby to me.”

With guest appearances and production from addtional artists like The-Dream, Tricky Stewart, Ne-Yo, Fabolous, Timbaland and Marsha Ambrosius, Foxx plans to tour around spring 2009.

“I just see something really high-energy,” Foxx explained. “I see myself with Ne-Yo, out on the road, a little different demographic than what Unpredictable was. A high-energy, great show — just hit ‘em and quit ‘em.”

As previously reported by SOHH, the album’s first single “Just Like Me” features Tip. Intuition is currently scheduled to hit retail stores on Tuesday, December 16 on J Records.

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