Jamie Foxx Calls Drake The New LL Cool J, “He Can Go As Gangster As He Wants” [Video]

Jamie Foxx Calls Drake The New LL Cool J, “He Can Go As Gangster As He Wants” [Video]

Academy Award-winning singer Jamie Foxx recently spoke on rap newcomer Drake‘s overall image and how the rapper’s crossover appeal will make him become the new LL Cool J.

In addition to the LL comparisons, Jamie also crowned Drake as the “new movement.”

“Drake is the new movement,” Foxx said in an interview. “To have records on a mixtape, and then the next thing you know he’s on top of the charts. And every time you mention him, people go crazy…And then to be on a track with Bun B…and…Bun B, he doesn’t get on tracks with people unless it’s really legit…[Drake] has a way with women, in how he portrays himself. His music is…he can go as gangster as he wants, but when he sings, that is the X-factor…This guy’s actually melodically soothing when he’s singing to females and I think that gives him a little bit of what my man LL Cool J had…The reason LL Cool J lasted for so long was because he was an absolute monster when it came to battle rap, but he was, when it came to females…there’s not a lady in the world don’t want to be at an LL Cool J show. So, if this guy can capture what I think he can capture, he’ll really have that.” (MTV)

50 Cent recently shared his thoughts on Drake and the rapper’s upcoming collaboration with Jay-Z.

“[Lil Wayne] has that new kid, what’s his name, Drake,” Fif said in an interview last week. “The kid is coming up. I heard Jay-Z got him on his single. Right? That was ill, like, that was fast! For him to put him on his single, like that’s ill. I don’t know if he’s rhyming or singing but the fact that he’s on it is hot. Like that was a fast come-up. Jay won’t even rap on his own artists and be in the video with ‘em.” (Hot 97)

DJ Skee has reportedly heard the duo’s collaboration and confirmed Drake’s guest appearance.

DJ Skee had the opportunity to preview “Off That,” Jay’s first single from The Blueprint 3. “I don’t want to really ruin the surprise,” the host of Sirius XM’s “Skeetox” radio show reluctantly tells Rap-Up.com. “I mean it’s Jay, he’s killing it.” While he didn’t disclose details, he did build anticipation for the record. “Jay sounds pretty incredible, man.” Skee confirmed that hip-hop’s hottest newcomer, Drake, lends his talent to the song. (Rap-Up)

In addition to preparing for his tour alongside Weezy and working on his debut album, the rapper is also going to announce his new record deal within the next few days.

“I’m like, maybe, five days away maybe,” Drake said about making a record deal announcement yesterday (June 18). “Just give me five days, I’m sorry, I can’t. The burning question will be answered in five days…I’m out here in Miami working with Pharrell and I’m even realizing oh, we got so much more to give to these people. I just started working on my album pretty much a couple days ago and I’m still seeing the creativity is flowing at an amazing level.” (WGGC)

Check out Jamie Foxx speaking on Drake below:

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