Jamal Woolard Preps Hollywood Career, Joins Vida Guerra & More At “It Girl Public Relations”

Jamal Woolard Preps Hollywood Career, Joins Vida Guerra & More At “It Girl Public Relations”

JamalGravyWoolard has begun shaping his Hollywood career by signing with entertainment company It Girl Public Relations.

Starring in the film Notorious has inspired the rapper to pursue a career change.

“I was pretty lost… Not understanding which way to go,” he said. “I think that God wanted me to do the acting thing. That’s why acting is my newfound love. I’ll get to music later. It’s not important to me now. Some big things is comin’.” (Associated Press)

Woolard and It Girl executives have reacted to the signing.

“I want to be the guy that is a chameleon with performances, known for a diverse body of work and hopefully fortunate to be working in this business for a long time,” Woolard said in a statement.

“Jamal is dedicated and talented and like the man he portrays in Notorious, Jamal is a young legend in the making,” It Girl CEO Juliette Harris said in a statement. “He has the “it” factor to make people warm to him with his charm, and audiences and filmmakers will see that right away.” (Hip Hop Press Release)

The company will help guide his career as an actor.

It Girl Public Relations will be assisting Jamal in expanding his visibility as an actor and positioning him as a break out artist and “one to watch”. It Girl will broaden Jamal’s target audience and introduce him to the main stream media, propelling him into becoming a house hold name. (Press Release)

It Girl is renowned for its popular clients and history within the industry.

Twelve years industry experience ables us to develop communication programs which build client image/brand, initiate media coverage and drive action. Clients include Nick Carter, Vida Guerra and Rashad Evans. (It Girl Public Relations)

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