Jae Millz Reveals Near-Death Experience, “I Had A F*cking Seizure In My Sleep” [Video]

Jae Millz Reveals Near-Death Experience, “I Had A F*cking Seizure In My Sleep” [Video]

Young Money‘s Jae Millz has revealed a recent near-death experience which left him in the hospital and changed his perspective on life.

According to Millz, he experienced a seizure while sleeping at his home.

“I had a f*cking seizure in my sleep,” Millz said in an interview. “It was like the second time it happened in my life though. It’s not like I have a big history of seizures like every year or it’s something that triggers it, really it’s just stress man. Like I just had a bunch of sh*t on my mind, some sh*t had happened and kinda f*cked up some money and I’m just thinking about so much, I’m not relaxing…I laid down and woke up with ambulance at my crib. They had me admitted into the hospital — due to the fact of that, that lets me know the Lord is on my side — so if you don’t f*ck with me, suck my d*ck and I hope your mother gets hit by a bus with an extender with the f*cking sh*t in the middle — matter of fact, I hope your mother gets hit by a New York City tour bus, the double decker red sh*t — if you don’t f*ck with me because I grind my n*gga.” (Vlad TV)

Millz recently talked about his label boss Lil Wayne going to jail for a year-long sentence.

“What the f*ck you think I’m gonna do for eight months,” Milz asked in an interview. “You gonna here so much free tunes, ‘Free Lil Wayne,’ I’m gonna make y’all n*ggas hate hearing that sh*t. I’m gonna make y’all n*ggas be like, ‘They need to let that n*gga Wayne out. We tired of hearing this n*gga Millz say ‘Free Lil Wayne, he only got eight months, I know n*ggas that got f*cking 20 years, what’s eight months?’ It ain’t nothing to a n*gga who used to making money.” (This Is 50)

In the meantime, he is determined to keep working on Young Money projects.

“Yeah there’s definitely going to be a tour soon,” Millz said in an interview. “As soon as Wayne gets home, Tha Carter IV is dropping. It’s already finished; he finished it before he went in so as soon as he gets out he’s dropping that and we hitting the road. It’s no name for it yet or whatever but it’s definitely going to happen. By then too Nicki [Minaj] will be out, Drake will be out, whoever’s up next album should be getting ready to come out and we should all have our singles out so everything gonna really be moving by then. I really can’t wait for that.” (All Hip Hop)

Millz has nearly a decade of music to his name.

Jae Millz was the first artist signed to Tone & Nige‘s Wanna Blow Ent. label. Due to the hype surrounding Jae in late 2003, Wanna Blow signed a distribution deal with Warner Bros. Records. Despite the popularity and hype, Warner Bros. failed to deliver an album, leading to Jae Millz and Wanna Blow departing the label. They immediately reached a deal with SRC Records and Universal Records. (Wikipedia)

Check out Jae Millz’s interview below:

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