Jadakiss Says 50 Cent Battle Isn’t Over, “Don’t Count Ross Out” [Video]

Jadakiss Says 50  Cent Battle Isn’t Over, “Don’t Count Ross Out” [Video]

D-Block‘s Jadakiss has weighed in his thoughts on former rap rival 50 Cent and Rick Ross‘ current beef saying the duo should keep their battle strictly lyrical.

Despite a seemingly non-stop flow of antics by Fif, Jada feels Ross should still be able to compete in their hip-hop war.

“Don’t count Ross out,” Jada said in an interview. “When I was going through it with 50, I’m glad he didn’t have ThisIs50.com ’cause that’s like a crazy outlet. He don’t even gotta do no music, he can just do wild skits and put new stuff on there and new paperwork and everything and that’s drawing in so much traffic and attention that it’s almost like slaughter…We should try to keep it at the music as much as possible. It’s good that he put wild skits and funny cartoons and stuff on the site…but the most theraputic for hip-hop is them to keep dropping songs. That’ll keep the violence out of it. That’ll make the people want it more.” (Shade 45 VIP Saturdays)

The Yonkers, New York-bred emcee is known for lyrically challenging 50 around early 2005.

“He’s not lyrical,” Jadakiss said of 50 in a March 2005 interview. “He makes good songs but he’s not a better lyricist than me. Put all the money, the units, put everything behind us, plus the good old-fashioned lyrics and an instrumental, and I’ll wear him out. You know that. The whole world knows that. I know and I’m humble.” (MTV News)

Jada also went head-to-head against 50 responding to “Piggy Bank” with his own diss track, “Checkmate.”

“Picture ‘Kiss not come out swingin’/It’s like going to see 50 at a show and he don’t come out singin’/Yeah, you got a felony, but you ain’t a predicate/Never the King of New York, you live in Connecticut/You don’t be in the hood, you be in the woods/F*ckin with me, is where you really gon’ be for good/I hold the 4-5 myself, and hop out the Range on 1-4-5 myself/This is a true fact/Since when has it become cool to get shot and not shoot back.” (YouTube)

50’s last anti-Ross move was the release of last Saturday’s “Officer Ricky” cartoon featuring the Miami rapper arresting Chris Brown.

“Even though he has huge rap dreams, Officer Ricky still takes his career as a police officer very seriously as he chases down Chris Brown, the latest in his quest to lock up all of the music industry,” the episode’s description reads. “Officer Ricky then hangs out with some of his NYPD buddies and shoots a music video right in New York City [including Foxy Brown, DJ Khaled and Fat Joe.] Damn 50, take that!” (This Is 50)

Check out Jadakiss’ interview below:

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