Jadakiss Reunites W/ Diddy For “The Last Kiss”

Jadakiss Reunites W/ Diddy For “The Last Kiss”

With his new album, The Last Kiss, hitting stores today (April 7), Jadakiss struck a deal with Diddy, his former boss and one-time rival to promote the LP.

In yesterday’s episode of P. Twitty TV, Diddy announced giving Jadakiss a Ciroc vodka endorsement deal.

“It’s a big, big, big, big day tomorrow. Tomorrow this comes out right here, The Last Kiss. You gotsa have that. We just did deal we just probably sponsored a tour, some of the videos everything else. The family is back together,” he said. (P. Twitty TV)

Jadakiss and his group The Lox were once signed to Diddy’s Bad Boy Records label but actively campaigned for a contractual release.

The trio was unhappy with their position, they claimed they were being presented as manufactured and for the mainstream. This accumulated in a massive campaign to get the Lox off the Bad Boy label. There was a campaign with ‘Free The Lox’ T-Shirts which the artists themselves rocked in protest against Puffy forcing them to stay on the label due to contract issues. Eventually Puffy allowed them to leave their contract. (Bad Boy Forever)

In 2005 the group took to the airwaves claiming that Diddy still controlled half of their publishing.

“Imagine working for years working for years, hard work and somebody that has nothing to do with that is getting the bulk of it,” Styles P said on Angie Martinez‘ radio show. “You’d be totally, utterly frustrated. And, you tryin’ to get around it for years and you call about it with lawyers, but people are too powerful.” (Sixshot News)

Eventually, the dispute was settled.

“What he did was sweet. He came back [with his offer] and I almost jumped out my seat,” Styles P told Angie Martinez. “Basically, he gave us all our publishing back. He didn’t have to do what he did. In the business world, what he did was like a four-leaf clover. The results was great.” (HipHopReaction)

Over the years Jadakiss and Diddy have repaired their relationship.

“I’ve kicked it with him in the studio and talked about life in general, not just music. This was after the bullsh*t, the big publishing argument on the radio. I don’t know what made us get tight, I guess time heals all wounds. Not for nothing, I learned a lot about the game from Diddy, despite whatever happened with us, however it turned out. We had some of our greatest times in the world with him.” (Complex)

Check out Diddy & Jadakiss below:

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