Jadakiss Reflects On Obama’s Position As Black Prez, “We Got To Support Him”

Jadakiss Reflects On Obama’s Position As Black Prez, “We Got To Support Him”

In honor of black history month, Jadakiss spoke to SOHH about our new black president and what the public show do to support him.

With a new president officially in office, Jadakiss urged fellow Obama voters to continue to support him.

“Having a black president, that’s history in one for all these years when people said there’d never be one. So, we proved the negative powers wrong once again. Hopefully we can get some change.”

“We seen the worst over the last eight years and now its a good thing. He [Barack Obama] got across to the youth more than any other election with this last one. A lot of people got out to vote for the first time like myself and now that we got him in there we got to support him because he still got a whole lot of junk to fix up in a short amount of time. So we got to get behind him support him give him some time to fix it, get him in there for another term and then hopefully we can get some good results out of this whole thing.”

This was the first election that the rapper voted in.

“This election more than any election is reaching the youth the young back and lation. This is actually the first time Ima vote. November 4th I’m there, pulling the lever.” (BET)

Jadakiss is currently preparing for the March 10th release of his Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam debut, The Last Kiss.

The rapper recently previewed 14 songs intended for the set for Billboard.com but says he will continue to record until the last minute. Tracks completed so far feature production from Mr. Porter, Pharrell Williams, Red Spider and Black Keys contributing. Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Barrington Levy, Jazmine Sullivan, Ne-Yo and Sheek Louch stop by for cameos. (Billboard)

SOHH celebrates Black History Month as the community and your favorite rappers discuss what it means to say “My President Is Black!”

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