Jadakiss Names His Top 5 Dead Or Alive

Jadakiss Names His Top 5 Dead Or Alive

While known for being placed in most artists’  favorite emcee lists, Jadakiss has revealed what five lyricists make it into his personal “Top 5 Dead or Alive”.

In addition to naming his Top 5, Kiss also reflected on being included in most lists.

When fans and critics throw Jadakiss’ name into the top five dead or alive conversation, not much argument follows considering the rap veteran’s lyrical content puts many of his competitors to shame. But when the Yonkers native puts his own list out for eyes to ogle over, he’s sure to raise some eyebrows as it sits outside the quota. “Biggie, Tupac, Jay-Z, Nas, Eminem, [and] Styles P,” Jadakiss revealed. “I never sold 10 million or none of that, so all the votes I get is strictly off the lyrics.” (Rap-Up)

Jada also shared his reaction to Swizz Beatz recently putting him in his Top 5.

“That’s a blessing. I don’t really get caught up in that, but I appreciate when people acknowledge me as one of their top artists, whether it’s numerical or just in general. I appreciate the love from [my fans and peers] appreciating the body of work I’ve been putting out all of these years.” (Rap-Up)

Yesterday, Kiss spoke on how he keeps himself in demand after nearly two decades in the music industry.

“That’s what makes me special, I just bird feed you,” Kiss said when asked why he does not put out ample amounts of albums. “That keeps me in demand. It hurts a little but not as much. You know what I mean? They leaked [my music], they eating it up on Twitter, that’s one of my specialities; to not give you too much so you always want more…I just got all my publishing back and contracts [situated]. It discouraged me a few years back to put out so much music and I wasn’t getting the bulk of the money. [Threatening to cease releasing music] was a publicity stunt that really ain’t work. New artists, don’t try that. [laughs] Everything’s beautiful [now].” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Despite his widespread acclaim, Young Money’s Gudda Gudda recently spoke to SOHH and crowned Jada as SOHH Underrated.

“The main thing I loved about Jadakiss was his voice. I just loved the way his voice would project [onto] a track. His flow, lyrics, everything about Jada’s style was just sick to me. I could remember days when me and [Lil] Wayne would be riding around listening to him all day and the LOX album and we would just be like, “Man, this n*gga Jadakiss is stupid on this beat.” He’s one of the best. (SOHH Underrated)

Check out some recent Jadakiss footage below:

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