Jadakiss Lox-In ‘Must Be The Music’ Role, “It’s Not A Cameo But Ain’t Like A Brad Pitt Part Either”

Jadakiss Lox-In ‘Must Be The Music’ Role, “It’s Not A Cameo But Ain’t Like A Brad Pitt Part Either”

The LOX’s Jadakiss is looking to follow in the footprints of rappers-turned-actors like Common and Andre 3000 by revealing his role in an upcoming Hollywood film called Must Be The Music.

While Jada’s name will draw in music goers, the raspy rapper will also share the bill with a slew of female actresses.

“I just did a little part in a movie in Philly over the last month, called Must Be The Music written and directed by Charles “Roc” Dutton. Black Thought is in it, Snoop from “The Wire,” Kat from “The Bad Girls Club,” one of the ‘Atlanta Housewives.’ It should be a pretty good movie…I got a nice little part. I got some dialogue with Charles. It’s not like a cameo. But ain’t like a Brad Pitt part either. And it ain’t where you just see me sweeping the floor.” (VIBE)

Jada also said he hopes to take his acting to the next level by doing animated projects.

“I want to do more acting and I want to do voiceovers, too. I want to get in some of these animated joints; that’s where the money’s at. I think I got the voice. I know I can do it. I can be one of these squirrels… one of these birds, or dolphins or something, or pandas or monkeys, or seals [Laughs].” (VIBE)

Earlier in the week, Maybach Music Group’s Pill revealed his involvement in an upcoming film.

“I play a character by the name of Rodger.” Pill says. “I actually got a real role that I auditioned for. I’m always working. I make sure I’m always doing something to elevate myself or prepare myself for superstardom.” The Aimee Lagos directed film, which debuted at this years SXSW festival, follows the lives of four young people who crash into each other for one pivotal moment and is inspired by true events. ’96 Minutes’ stars Evan Ross as “Dre,” Brittany Snow as “Carley,” Christian Serratos as “Lena,” and J. Michael Trautmann as “Kevin.” There’s no set date yet for the film’s nationwide debut, but till then, check out the trailer. (The Juice)

Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em recently discussed an interest in adding “actor” to his resume.

“I really wanna break into Hollywood,” Soulja told BET.com. “I really wanna do the correct first film and make an impression on a lot of people so they can come holla at me and wanna put me in their movies. Doing music [is] my first love, but I always had a passion for acting ’cause I feel like I come out natural on the camera. In the future I got a couple plans. I’ve been talking to Nick Cannon, who is directing this upcoming film I’m supposed to be starring in, and I think that’ll be a good look, but I just gotta pick the right film and kill the part.” (BET)

A release date for the movie project has not yet been revealed.

Check out some recent Jadakiss footage below:

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