Jadakiss Falls Back On Rick Ross & 50 Cent Beef, “They Ain’t Gonna Pull Me In That” [Video]

Jadakiss Falls Back On Rick Ross & 50 Cent Beef, “They Ain’t Gonna Pull Me In That” [Video]

D-Block‘s Jadakiss recently turned down an offer to possibly join Rick Ross in his rap war against 50 Cent by laying a verse on the rapper’s upcoming “Mafia Music” remix.

Speaking with radio personality Jenny Boom Boom, Jada said he would not join sides in the publicized rap beef.

“They ain’t gonna pull me in that,” Jada said. “I ain’t got nothing to do with all of that. When I was going at it with 50, it was just me and my D-Block alliance. I didn’t see nobody. I didn’t hear nothing, it was no ‘join forces.’ I just went in to my own barrack with my own soldiers. I ain’t joining no alliance, that’s what got me in trouble the first time.” (Jenny Boom Boom)

While Kiss refuses to take sides, 50’s nemesis Ja Rule recently announced his partnership with Ross on the upcoming record.

“Yeah, it’s f*cking hilarious,” Rule said in an interview regarding 50 and Ross’ current beef. “I’m sittin’ back getting a good laugh and sh*t. But yo, check me on that ‘Mafia Music’ remix. Holla back. Ross, you know how we do, n*gga.” (Street Heat)

Ross confirmed the song was in production late last week.

“It’s only right I came to New York City to write my ‘Mafia Music’ remix verse,” Ross said in a video. “It’s funny I say ‘Mafia Music’ remix because today I get a call from a dude from G-Unit, his name, he told me, was Nelson Gomez. N*gga Nelson Gomez offered me a sum of money to fall back.” (Torch Is NY)

While G-Unit members Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks have backed Fif, Ross associate Gunplay recently penned his own diss record, “Motivation.”

“I beat a blogger like his father,” Gunplay raps in the song. “That’s a half a milli/And that’s just Carol City/My life story too long, a album couldn’t fit it/Torch burnt Blanks/I’ma get at Yayo/Ross killed Curly/All three D.O.A. yo/Ain’t no combat.” (Freddy Fred TV)

Check out Jada talking on Ross & 50 below:

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