Jadakiss Brings His ‘Big Boy’ Dream To Life: “I Could Give A Nod & The Shots Fly” [Audio]

Jadakiss Brings His ‘Big Boy’ Dream To Life: “I Could Give A Nod & The Shots Fly” [Audio]

The LOX’s Jadakiss has kept his word and recruited hitmaker The-Dream for his long-awaited Top 5 Dead or Alive first single, “Big Boy Dialogue.”

The new, but expected, record premiered online Thursday (May 30).

Jadakiss offers that grown man talk on “Big Boy Dialogue,” the first single off his upcoming Top 5, Dead or Alive album. The LOX frontman adds some R&B flavor by way of his labelmate The-Dream who croons over some gritty production. Jada’s fourth solo LP is due later this year via Def Jam Records, with the long-awaited new LOX project to follow. (Miss Info TV)

Earlier this month, Kiss would not dish out a specific date, but did reveal his “Big Boy Dialogue” track would feature Dream.

“I think it’s going to be called ‘Big Boy Dialogue,'” Kiss revealed in an interview when asked about his solo project’s first single. “Dream, it’s featuring Dream. It’s featuring The-Dream, you know what I mean? That’s going to come to y’all real soon, too. [How soon?] Nah, not today. I got you. Not much further away though. It’s really around the corner. I’m just getting it mastered right now.” (“Jenny Boom Boom”)

A few weeks ago, former Def Jam president Jay-Z and Dream’s “High Art” track premiered.

Terius Nash, AKA The-Dream, and Jay-Z have become one of music’s most dynamic songwriting duos as of late. Earlier this year, they both earned a Grammy for “No Church in the Wild”, and they’re working together on Jay-Z’s new solo album. But first, The-Dream will release his own new solo album, IV Play, on May 28th, and he’s recruited Jay to guest on the track “High Art.” (Consequence of Art)

In April, Jada said he hoped to have his delayed LP hit store shelves before summer came to an end.

“Definitely the name of my next album will be Top 5 Dead or Alive,” Kiss confirmed in an interview. “I’m probably, 70, 75 percent finished. I got about 5 or 6 more tracks to cut then we should be good. [Release date?] Hopefully mid to end of summer. You know. I don’t want to bump no heads with no big wigs that’s going to steal all the radio and retail spots. Marketing is very important just as much as the music. So once you get yourself a nice body of work which you feel comfortable with, you have to sit down with your staff and put a very good marketing plan together too because the labels really go off your movement. As much as you put in the work, they’ll get on that bandwagon and push it from there, but if you just sitting around, waiting for a record label to go over there — that ain’t how the industry is moving right now.” (Power 99)

Check out “Big Boy Dialogue”:

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