Jadakiss Addresses Sheek Louch’s Controversial “Donnie G” Artwork

Jadakiss Addresses Sheek Louch’s Controversial “Donnie G” Artwork

The LOX’s Jadakss has shared his input on the controversial artwork behind his fellow groupmate Sheek Louch‘s Donnie G album cover, which portrays the rapper as half-human, half-gorilla.

Acknowledging the image, Jada said as long as Sheek provides good music on his Def Jam debut then there should be no arguments.

“The cover… yeah, man. I’ll tell you: Publicity is publicity. Good, bad–you need some type of movement before your album is about to come out. And Sheek has that right now. You need people to be saying something. But the quality of music is what really matters. That overpowers everything. The cover is the cover and people can say whatever they want about it, but if your body of work is good, you’ll be alright.” (VIBE)

After the artwork leaked earlier this month, Sheek sat down with SOHH to discuss its significance.

“That’s some of the hottest artwork I’ve seen in a while,” Sheek told SOHH. “A lot of my people on Twitter were telling me that [too], all over online. It’s definitely poster material. I could have just sat there and smiled for the camera, the regular playboy-type sh*t, you know what I’m saying? Nah, I didn’t want that. I wanted to really take it there, you know, I’m always on that “Silverback Gorilla” thing. That’s how I’m feeling, that picture right there is not to depict black people or none of that, it’s just that I’m feeling real beastie right now. I’m in this jungle going hard at it. That’s how I did it and they really brought that to life.” (SOHH)

Aside from the artwork, his album’s tracklist also hit the Internet in early November.

1. Rhyme Animal (Intro) 2. Get It Poppin 3. Club Jam Packed feat. DJ Webstar 4. Out Of The Ghetto feat. Kobe 5. Make Some Noise feat. Fabolous 6. Blood & Tears feat. Casely 7. Nite Falls 8. Party After 2 feat. Jeremih 9. Touch The Sky feat. Ryan Leslie & Adrienne Bailon 10. Ol’ Skool feat. Bun B 11. Picture Phone Foreplay feat. Kevin “KC” Cossom 12. Dinner Guest feat. Jadakiss, Bully & Styles P. 13. Ready4War (Rap Radar)

Last May, Sheek credited Island Def Jam music executive L.A. Reid for executing his vision.

“I got some real good music coming out,” he revealed. “I needed that right machine behind it to get that record past the level that it stops, to push it further. And I was shopping it to a lot of the majors…but my man L and Butch, Czar, Mike Caruso and Lenny S…they brought me up in there to Def Jam. And Chris Hicks and L.A. [Reid] they seen the vision. And it’s on.” (XXL Mag)

Donnie G is now scheduled to drop Tuesday, December 14th.

Check out Sheek Louch speaking on the album artwork below:

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