Jada Kisses & Tells How He’s Survived In Rap [Audio]

Jada Kisses & Tells How He’s Survived In Rap [Audio]

The LOX’s Jadakiss recently discussed his run in the music industry and why after more than 20 years in the hip-hop game, he is far from ready to slow down.

Kiss said a few key ways he has managed to stay afloat in an ever-changing music industry is keeping in shape and also letting his hair finally grow.

“One is health,” Kiss said when asked how he has managed to stay in the rap game for so many years. “I probably lost 25, 30 pounds. I got my hair, my hair’s growing. I always had a bald head when I came into the game so people never knew I could grow hair. So that’s given me like [a look that’s] 20 years younger now. Benjamin Button effect. I’m looking younger as I’m getting older. It’s all about not putting yourself in no bubble and not isolating yourself. You know? [It’s about] being open, having a broad horizon for the new music that’s out there and doing what you like to do. Yeah. You know what I’m saying?” (Power 99)

Last spring, Kiss delved into his motivation behind bringing his hair back out.

“One of my reasons for growing it was that a lot of people think my hair couldn’t grow,” Kiss said in an interview. “Then I wanted to do a new look with a new album. The ladies say they like it. My mom said she likes it. … My mom didn’t think I could grow hair. I was like, ‘ma, c’mon. What’s wrong with you?’ I had a bald head for so long, people think it was by force, not by choice. But we gonna switch it up.” (Sucker Free)

A few months ago, the former Bad Boy Records rap star talked about his own legacy in the rap game.

“I was one of the best to ever do it,” Jada said when asked to describe his own legacy. “Despite the politics, despite accolades, which I have all of those, money as well, but when you just put everything, when they come up with a category where they just put everything to the side, all of the amenities and just lyrics and good music, [I’m] one of the greatest to ever put that type of music out.” (Montreality)

Back in 2011, Kiss reacted to hip-hop heads and producers like Swizz Beatz putting him in Top 5 Dead or Alive lists.

“That’s a blessing. I don’t really get caught up in that, but I appreciate when people acknowledge me as one of their top artists, whether it’s numerical or just in general. I appreciate the love from [my fans and peers] appreciating the body of work I’ve been putting out all of these years.” (Rap-Up)

Check out Jadakiss’ interview:

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