Jacki-O Says DJ Khaled Not Putting On For Miami, “Since You’re So Hood, Why You Not Repping Your City?”

Jacki-O Says DJ Khaled Not Putting On For Miami, “Since You’re So Hood, Why You Not Repping Your City?”

Southern rapper Jacki-O has unveiled more about her issues with Miami’s DJ Khaled and claimed the radio personality is not shining light on local artists.

In addition to him not playing her music, Jacki believes Khaled is not representing for Miami.

“If you’re in the position to play that music, you need to go hard for your city. Since this is your city and you’re so hood, why you not repping your city? Why you repping people that you feel you have contractual ties to? That’s the only people your repping when it comes to local artists. Whenever it comes to something with any other artists your playing them, but when it comes to playing the artists from Miami, if you ain;t got no contractual ties to them, you ain’t playing them. Well, that’s not considered “repping your city” because when you rep your city you rep every artist in Miami that’s actually making a name for themselves and doing something. If that music is being played in the clubs and you that artist out there grinding, play the music. I just don’t see him doing that. Not for me and not for a lot of artists, I just don’t see that love and it kind of sickens me when I see people calling out my city and you not even really from Miami. I’m not going to understand why you don’t have that passion that a DJ is supposed to have for your city. Honestly, you really don’t have that passion because if you did you would let the emotional foolishness go and really rep for the city.” (Baller Status)

Last May, Jacki said Khaled believes he has more control than an artist.

“Don’t hold beefs or grudges with people just because you’re friends with my ex-label-mates…that’s crazy! If you hear a record that’s poppin’ in the streets and it’s poppin’ in the clubs–play it on the station! I have a problem when the DJ feel like he more powerful than the artist and I think that’s the stance that he takes when it come to this music and it’s just ridiculous, so I do have a problem with him. It’s not just me, but a lot of people do. Maybe they think it and don’t say it but I choose to say it because I feel like it’s an injustice and it’s not right and it’s not fair, so I’m callin’ [Khaled] out on it…” (XXL Mag)

In April, Jacki informed SOHH about her initial problems with Khaled.

“I don’t hold grudges nor do I have ‘beef’ with anyone, although I am not a sucker,” she wrote in a statement. “I understand it’s all a part of the game. I don’t entertain beef because it takes you off the focus of your craft. If people want to see us do a record, let’s do it and if you still feel some type of way — fine, do what you do. At the end of the day it’s about giving the people what they want and making good music and money, anything else is irrelevant to me.” (SOHH)

Earlier this year, Jacki reportedly made controversial remarks about him.

“DJs make up 50 percent of an artist’s success,” she said in an interview. “And they know that. I’m not saying all of them, but a lot of DJ’s are starting to be more arrogant than artists, and bold with it. Your job is to play music and support what the people like. It’s not about what you like; it’s about what the people like. One DJ in particular is this Khaled dude. He’s gotten so beside himself and decided he’s not gonna touch another one of my records. And that’s cool because when the streets deal with you, I’m good.” (Kontrol Magazine)

Check out Jacki-O’s “I Got Yo Boyfriend” below:

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