JabbaWockeez Stepper To Judge New Season of America’s Best Dance Crew

JabbaWockeez Stepper To Judge New Season of America’s Best Dance Crew

When the third season of Randy Jackson Presents: America’s Next Dance Crew premieres on MTV tonight, Kid Rainen of the Jabbawockeez will be on hand as guest judge.

The special 90 minute season premiere of America’s Best Dance Crew will feature a member of season one’s winning crew the Jabbawockeez.

For its very first episode, one of your old favorite crew members will be guest judging in place of JC Chasez. No word on why JC can’t make it out, but how ya gonna go wrong by asking JabbaWockeeZ’ Rainen Paguio to fill in? Yup yup, Rainen’s officially the third member of panel for the premiere — and he’s ready to speak his mind, even if that means clashing with Lil Mama and Shane Sparks.(MTV Remote Control blog)

During the first episode MTV will introduce new dance crews from all across the country.

Nine new crews will vie for America’s attention and votes as they perform in what has been described as the “most physically demanding” season yet.  The nine crews emerged victorious from the eight casting call venues that MTV launched last October, which took them from Atlanta and Miami to Missouri and California. (BuddyTV)

Jive rapper Lil’ Mama will be returning to judge her third season of the show. She previously told SOHH that she was happy she decided to take the gig.

“At this time in my life, when I’m dealing with issues like losing my mom and being away from my family so much, being on the road, I could’ve said no to a deal like that but I said yes because these are some of the experiences that I might not be able to get a second chance at doing and I’m happy that I’m doing it now.”

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