Ja Rule Says Twitter Would Have Saved Murder Inc. [Video]

Ja Rule Says Twitter Would Have Saved Murder Inc. [Video]

Former Murder Inc. star Ja Rule and Irv Gotti recently talked about making strong comebacks in the music industry and how much social media outlets could have avoided their ship from sinking a decade ago.

The former Murder Inc. CEO said he has started to use photo-sharing outlet Instagram to connect with people.

“We’re gonna rule the world again,” Gotti promised in an interview. “You know why I say that? [It’s] because I’m relentless. So even if it isn’t right now or whatever, until the goal is met, I’m coming. Put a bullet in my head, that’s when I’ll stop. … I really want the people to ride with us. I say that from the bottom of my heart because for no other fact than we can help them be better people too. When you go to my Instagram, IrvGotti187, when you go on my Instagram, it’s certain things I do. People will be like, ‘Yo, I needed that today.’ I give them something to ride that. … I miss messing with the people and Instagram has me going crazy. I’m messing with the people. Me and Rule are people persons.” (“The Angie Martinez Show”)

Rule claimed social media would have allowed Murder Inc. to speak out during their rough patches in the early 2000’s.

“I’m just happy we back together and we in a good space and we’re having fun,” Rule added. “We’re making music again and being in the studio again and all the other ventures and stuff that’s going on for us, it’s a blessing that we’re still in this business for almost 20 years now. That, for me, is where I’m at and if the fans and the people decide they want to give us another 5, 10 years, I’ll take it. … If there was social media back when all of these things were happening, I think we’d have had a better chance to explain ourselves and talk to our fans and talk to the people and they would have understood what we were going through and maybe it wouldn’t have been as dark a period for us. So social media is a really, really big thing that’s going on right now. It’s really informative, it gets you closer to your fans. … You know what I noticed when I go on social media? They hate everybody. It ain’t just us.” (“The Angie Martinez Show”)

Recently, The LOX’s Jadakiss said artists have used social media as a method to attack instead of showcasing their true emcee skills.

“I think social media was created for slander. It’s soft n*ggas that can’t fight and got beat up a lot in school and all that and never was able to express themselves and so they could chill behind the keyboard at the crib and call you all kind of everything,” Jada said in an interview. “But you know, that’s part of it that comes with [the industry]. … Another thing with the social media is it gets out of hand because it gets deeper than the music. They start making webisodes and going to your mom job and all kinds of craziness. That sidetracks from the music. As long as it stays lyrically and music, battles is always good. Nobody gets hurt.” (Self Made 2MMG)

Back in May, West Coast rapper Kendrick Lamar admitted seeing fellow artists fall victim to social networking had him wary of his interest in it.

“That’s why I try my best to stay away from social media as much as possible. [laughs] When you go on your Twitter or look down your Timeline and it’s all great positivity–I love that. But at the same time, it can really divert you from what your purpose is or what you’re trying to do. And I’ve seen artists get caught up in that. I’ve seen some of my friends get caught in that. Whether you’re a small celebrity or a grand celebrity, it really triggers something in your brain, seeing all that stuff . . . So I’m real aware of it.” (Interview Magazine)

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