Ja Rule Is Passionate About Pain, “[This Is] The Best Album I’ve EVER Made!!!”

Ja Rule Is Passionate About Pain, “[This Is] The Best Album I’ve EVER Made!!!”

Queens rapper Ja Rule may have raised the bar extra high by proclaiming his upcoming new album, Pain Is Love 2 is the best full-length project he has ever released.

Despite having sold multi-platinum records and earning number one hits, Rule is confident in the soon to be released LP.

“Ain’t been to sleep in 3 days lol… RT @mossburg00 @Ruleyork go to sleep rule lol,” Rule Tweeted Friday (May 20).

“I’m saying this now PIL2 is the best album I’ve EVER made!!! Hands down…” (Ja Rule’s Twitter)

Despite getting ready to begin a speculated two-year jail sentence next month for a gun conviction, Rule has already drawn out post-release plans.

“My ’40 Days/40 Nights Around the World’ tour is being set up right now,” Rule exclusively tells Rap-Up.com. “I want the bus to come straight to the prison and take me to my first show. Put my family on the bus, have them come to the first few cities, send them back home, and let me keep going. It’ll be international; 40 cities in 40 nights. I’ll be so fresh and ready to go.” (Rap-Up)

Earlier this year, Rule talked about completing two projects before heading to the slammer.

“We in Miami doing it, putting the finishing touches on the [Renaissance] project,” Rule said in an interview. “Finishing that up and we’re getting started on [Pain Is Love 2]. Yeah, Pain Is Love 2. Yeah, it’s about to go down. The Renaissance Project, it’s got a real soulful vibe, a real music vibe. It’s rider music. When you listen to the album, it’ll put you in a different zone — I dealt with the women on the album, you know, different than what you’re used to. It’s kind of like grown-up conversation. When you’re young and you’re making records towards the ladies, sometimes they can be rather derogatory. ‘B*tch, h*e this, B*tch, that.’ So you know, with some of the records on this album, they’re more on an intellectual level when I’m talking to the ladies. It’s more of a relationship that we’ve been in for a long time that we know how to talk to each other verbally…” (Rule York)

Around mid-March, the rapper announced an initiative to drop two albums a day before beginning his jail term.

“Me and @iam7Aurelius making history AGAIN PIL2,R.P. both dropping June 7!!! I’m not playing wit y’all…,” he tweeted March 18th.

“#RenaissanceProject June 7th… Pain is Love 2 June 7th… Let’s goooooo!!!”

“I WILL NOT LOSE!!! #WINNING… June 7th!!!” (Ja Rule’s Twitter)

Pain Is Love 2 & The Renaissance Project are slated to drop Tuesday, June 7th.

Check out some recent Ja Rule footage down below:

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