Ja Rule Fires Shots At 50 Cent Over Summer Jam Diss: “This N*gga Been On My D*ck, He Love My Style!!!”

Ja Rule Fires Shots At 50 Cent Over Summer Jam Diss: “This N*gga Been On My D*ck, He Love My Style!!!”

The truce between one-time rivals Ja Rule and 50 Cent may be over following last night’s unexpected G-Unit reunion at Hot 97’s Summer Jam concert. #UMad

Rule jumped onto his Twitter page early today (June 2) to lash out at Fif.

“D*mn after all these years I’m still in a n*ggas head lmao!!! Thanks for the shoutout @50cent ????????????????????????????????????#SummerJam2014,” Ja tweeted June 2.

“This n*gga been on my d*ck he love my style!!! (Nas voice) lmfao”

“Ya’ll respect the one who got shot??? I respect the shooter!!! N*ggas these days smh #hustlingbackwards lmao…”

“I’m living good I can’t loose!!! Lmao…” (Ja Rule’s Twitter)

During his performance last night, 50 performed his anti-Murder Inc. track “I Smell P*ssy.”

9:55 pm EST: 50’s takeover of Summer Jam continues, as he goes into “Hold On,” a popular street cut from his forthcoming LP “Animal Ambition.” The entourages behind the stage have been somewhat contained. 50 cues up “I Smell P*ssy,” letting his old beefs with Irv Gotti and Ja Rule live. Some grudges are hard to shake. (Billboard)

Back in February, Rule said maturity and growth as men helped their run-in aboard a flight turn out peacefully.

Last year, you shared a flight with your former foe 50 Cent. What happened when you two saw each other? We actually did share the same flight [laughs] which is crazy. Ain’t nothing really to talk about it is what it was. He seen me, I seen him. We said what’s up and we rode our flight and that was that. No animosity? Not at all, we both grown men now. You guys had an epic beef. It’s not really like that in hip-hop anymore, right? That was a long time ago. We’re both about our money, about our families and we’re doing what we’re doing. (VIBE)

A few months ago, former Murder Inc. CEO Irv Gotti admitted Fif ultimately won the back-and-forth dispute.

“Yeah, we took an L but listen, the thing about it is when you’re going through it, you’re going through it,” Gotti explained to radio host Angie Martinez. “I’ll take you back. We was in my office, me and Rule, we in the office and [Funkmaster] Flex was about to play ‘In Da Club,’ [laughs] so Flex plays ‘In Da Club.’ That record was so dope, I looked at Rule and said, ‘We have a major problem.’ [laughs] … We took the L, but you know what? People take L’s. It’s not the L, it’s what you do and if you keep swinging and keep fighting.” (“The Angie Martinez Show”)


Check out 50 Cent at Summer Jam:

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