Ja Rule Expires 50 Cent Feud: “Beef Is 10 Years Old”

Ja Rule Expires 50 Cent Feud: “Beef Is 10 Years Old”

New York rapper Ja Rule is letting the world know even though he had some good sparring battles with G-Unit head 50 Cent, their long-lasting feud against one another is a thing of the past.

Although brief with his words, Rule announced he had no interest in entertaining an outdated feud with the fellow Queens, New York native this week.

“No shade at 50 all love… Beef is 10 years old… #weoffdat lol… @HOT97 @oldmanebro,” Rule tweeted September 19.

“I love the fact that anything I do sparks debate… #Artistry #Beast #Maven #Visionary”

“New music coming today!!!” (Ja Rule’s Twitter)

Last year, Fif said he no longer had any will for holding onto a rap feud with Ja.

“My issue with Ja is they were trying to take credit for something,” Fif said in an interview when asked if he could see himself ever reconciling with Rule. “They ain’t really built like that. … Now that I broke them down to nothing, where’s their crew at? [Rick Ross?] You know what, I never had, look at this, I can’t create an actual reason — in my neighborhood, we meet aggression with aggression. … I’m not going to chase you because the outcome is always bad when we go head-to-head. Somebody’s gotta lose. And then the people come after somebody lost. …. See how he figured out how not to have my name, say my name? And then what do I got to say?” (Power 92.3)

Back in May, the G-Unit head said competing with ex-rap foe Fat Joe fueled their feud but did confess to engaging in the rap dispute for way too long.

“Fat Joe, that was interesting. The competitive nature of hip-hop forces us to compete,” 50 told MTV News correspondent Josh Horowitz when he walked the red carpet for the premiere of Will and Jaden Smith’s new sci-fi flick “After Earth” on Wednesday. “It was one of those things that it went on longer than it was supposed to with that one.” (MTV)

This week, Rule premiered his latest post-jail anthem on New York radio station Hot 97.

Now a free man for about four months, Ja Rule is ready to get back into the music side of things. After appearing on N.O.R.E.‘s “She Tried” remix back in August, Rule York keeps it solo with a warning shot to fellow rappers and listeners on “Fresh Out Da Pen.” In classic New York fashion, another Hot 97 premiere by Funkmaster Flex. (Miss Info TV)

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