Ja Rule Dishes Out His Own “Breaking News” Alert

Ja Rule Dishes Out His Own “Breaking News” Alert

While having his slated two-year jail term delayed through June, New York rapper Ja Rule has decided to drop his upcoming Renaissance album a day before sentencing.

Announcing the release date via Twitter, Rule revealed his new album initiative.

“Breaking news………RENAISSANCE PROJECT JUNE 7th!!! Mpire Music…,” he tweeted Sunday (March 13).

“#RenaissanceProject June 7… EPIC!!!” (Ja Rule’s Twitter)

Based on last week reports, Rule will be sentenced on June 8th.

Ja Rule is set to go to prison in June in a New York City gun case. On Wednesday, a judge set a June 8 date for the platinum-selling rapper-actor’s sentencing. His lawyer says he’ll spend the intervening months finishing a new album, “Renaissance Project,” and taking care of tax matters. The 35-year-old performer pleaded guilty in December to attempted weapon possession. He agreed to a two-year prison term. (Wall Street Journal)

Last week, Rule’s attorney confirmed the extension and said the rapper will handle other matters in the meantime including the Renaissance LP.

The extra time will allow the 34-year-old performer to settle a lingering federal tax matter and finish his latest album, said his lawyer, Stacey Richman. Ja Rule — caught with a loaded, unlicensed gun back in July, 2007 — left court smiling broadly. “We want to finish the album, and there’s also a tax issue,” said Richman. “Somebody, an accountant, had filed an incorrect form, and this is to correct what was done in the past,” she said. (New York Post)

It was revealed in February that Rule’s fate would be uncovered on March 9th.

Ja Rule appeared in court on February 9 to respond of illegal possession of weapons. The sentence, however, has been postponed to March. Jeffrey Atkins, mostly known for his stage name Ja Rule, faced court on February 9 to understand when his first day of prison will be. However, the rapper was told he has to wait until March 9 to know when he will have to surrender to police authorities for his 2 year sentence. (Suite 101)

Check out some recent Ja Rule footage down below:

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