Ja Rule Describes The Worst Part Of His Prison Bid: “We Were All In There Flipping Out”

Ja Rule Describes The Worst Part Of His Prison Bid: “We Were All In There Flipping Out”

New York rapper Ja Rule has discussed spending time behind bars and what he hated most about being a prisoner of the state.

Rule said the worst part about his lengthy bid was missing key moments in his family and friends’ lives.

“I guess I’d have to say those nights you’re just locked in your cell, by yourself, and you’re missing out on what’s going on outside. I would call home and I’d be missing birthdays or anniversaries. I’d speak to my homies and they’d be out and about, doing what they doing. You kind of say, “Damn, I’m really locked up, I can’t enjoy the things that are meaningful in my life, I can’t enjoy the small things in life.” You in a situation that you can’t control. Then there were situations like [Superstorm] Sandy and [Hurricane] Irene, where we was getting heavy storms at the house and all the lights and things are down, trees and power lines are down. My family had to pick up and go to a hotel. Those are the situations that I handle when I’m home and my wife had to step up to the plate, play father and mother during those situations. She’s a soldier, so she made it happen, but I’m sure she wishes that I was there. You’re helpless in those situations.” (Complex)

He also revealed how much natural disasters like Superstorm Sandy and last year’s Hurricane Irene rattled inmates.

“Especially when the phone is out because of the storm and you can’t reach anybody. We were all in there flipping out, bugging out, like, “Did you get a hold of anybody?” You worry, but you have no control over it. There’s nothing you can do. [I was] helpless, and that’s not me. I’m usually the one that takes care of everything. So for me not be able to do anything in those moments was tough on me.” (Complex)

Last month, Rule’s former Murder Inc. labelmate Ashanti spoke on him returning home.

“Yes, I have. I spoke to him the other day and I’m super, super excited for him,” Ashanti said in an interview when asked if she had talked to Rule since he came home from serving jail time. “He is, he is in great spirits. [Muscles?] Oh my gosh, I told him, ‘What were you doing in there?’ … He has a studio downstairs in the house, that’s where he’s going to be all the time. … Hopefully we get it all popping. There’s no denying our chemistry. We might [get a collabo project]. He has to focus on his stuff right now.” (Hot 97)

Recently, Ja’s music pal N.O.R.E. talked about Rule’s return and releasing a photo of him buffed up.

“We all just took a flick and I didn’t realize how many people would actually post it on their website and report as news, because to me it’s not really news it’s just me going to see a friend and showing support,” N.O.R.E. said in an interview. “I actually didn’t get a chance to visit him [while he was in prison], but I made it my business that when he got home I was gonna get on the first flight and go check him out.” (MTV)

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