Ja Rule Declares Hip-Hop War, “We Fightin’ Against Motherf*cking Rock” [Video]

Ja Rule Declares Hip-Hop War, “We Fightin’ Against Motherf*cking Rock” [Video]

Former Murder Inc. frontman Ja Rule recently addressed the state of hip-hop and encouraged urban artists to stick together in their “battle” against other music genres.

Along with declaring a music war, Rule revealed a few artists he felt were helping to keep New York’s presence within hip-hop.

“We fighting against other genres,” Rule declared in an interview. “We fightin’ against motherf*ckin’ rock. We fightin’ against pop. We fightin’ against these other genres of music. We need to be together as a whole and not separating ourselves between West and East and South. I think New York is making a strong comeback right now. I think we doin’ our thing, we got Maino, we got Red Cafe. I think New York is making a surgence. I got my acts outta New York, I’m coming with a crazy album right now. But you know as a whole, it’s not about New York…it’s about hip-hop. We all in this together. So when I think about it, that’s really my feelings on the situation.” (57th Ave)

Jadakiss also recently spoke on the decline in quality music coming from the Big Apple in recent years.

“New York took a hit when everybody started getting money,” Kiss said in an interview. “Everybody was doing alright in record sales. Everybody had some success but then the ego started playing a part. From then, nobody wanted to do songs with each other. N*ggas were on some, ‘I’m not f*cking with that n*gga. I’m not doing that!’ That hurt everybody in a whole and everybody stopped dropping albums. Then wherever, the South, the West came, linked up, and collected that money for certain amont of years. I just feel like this is going to give everybody some sense of inspiration to come. you got Fab[olous] coming. You got more north artists that’s gon’ come back. you know Red [Cafe] is doing his thing. Maino is doing his thing. This gon’ give everybody motivation to put music out, so then, nobody has to sit down and complain.” (Hip Hop Game)

Despite his claims of “unity,” Rule recently dissed 50 Cent on Rick Ross‘ “Mafia Music” remix.

“Guess who’s bizzack,” Rule raps. “I spit murder, the music is mafia…One cold afternoon you get shot at your home/Now ‘I Smell P*ssy’/P*ssy got lips, but it don’t talk to me/That’s why you my b*tch/And you on my d*ck/Aha ’cause I f*cked you up once, I f*cked you up twice and you still talking sh*t/What must I do, to get through to you/ Curly, get off my d*ck…Read in-between the lines when you hear me talk/Get on get outta line, this is Rule York.” (“Mafia Music” Remix)

Rule revealed plans earlier this year to drop a new album in the near future.

“New album coming real soon, I ain’t gonna give nobody no dates,” Ja said in an interview. “None of that ‘We pushin’ it back, we pushin’ it back’ so I ain’t giving y’all no motherf*cking date. It’s coming real soon. We finishing it up. It’s f*cking crazy. Y’all n*ggas get ready. We gonna have a good time this year…[I got a] new jewelry line coming real soon. Y’all can go to Itshot.com to check out all the new pieces from the Rule.” (Sub Zero DVD)

Check out Ja Rule’s interview below:

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