Ja Rule Cleans His Pipes, “I Made You Feel Like You Could Do This”

Ja Rule Cleans His Pipes, “I Made You Feel Like You Could Do This”

Former Murder Inc. artist Ja Rule recently spoke on the popularity of rappers singing on records and why his catchy choruses from the early 2000’s helped pave a lane for artists to follow.

Co-signing rappers/singers like Drake, Rule downplayed his vocal ability.

“Drake can sing, man,” Rule said in an interview. “I always admit it. I’m a shallow singer. But I think that’s what attracted people to what I was doing, because I made you feel like you too could do this. I’m not blowing Luther Vandross notes over here! You could do what I’m doing. I think that’s what made it pop music. I think for the people, that’s what made it popular, that they were able to sing along with it and they weren’t intimidated by singing along to it because it was a guy that can’t sing.” (RapFix)

Last month, Rule publicly taunted rap rival 50 Cent for taking after him and singing on records in the past.

“@50cent talked about me singing but that n*gga sure be hitting that high note lol My STUDENT!!!,” Rule tweeted March 23rd.”

“Lmao The PUPPET MASTER @50cent u still P*SSY at the end of the day haha!!! Follow Me!!!” (Ja Rule’s Twitter)

Not a huge fan of crooning, Fat Joe previously talked about wanting Kanye West to give up singing.

“I love hip-hop music, there’s really nothing I can’t do as far as musically,” Joe promised in a May 2010 interview. “I’m in the studio so much that I know how to make all types of music. I could make you a Dirty South smash hit right now. I can make you a New York banger to the highest level…My favorite rapper is Kanye West and when he did the singing album, I purposely didn’t buy it. I was like, I’m protesting it man, I’m boycotting it. I ain’t with that sh*t. I want the Kanye rapping about his moms, rapping about this sh*t.” (Ozone Magazine)

Despite his skills, Drake has said he favors rapping over singing.

“I could never really take singing on the road the way I can take rapping on the road,” Drake said in a June 2010 interview. “I can’t get on stage and blow people away with my range and vocals. I’m a studio singer because I can convey emotion and I have unique melodies, so that’s kind of what I pride myself on, but that’s where it stops. I make music more for people to listen to rather than to hold me as an R&B artist. Not to wish that I couldn’t sing better. If I could sing like Trey [Songz] then yeah, I’d definitely just want to be a singer. If I could do anything, trust me, I wish I could just sit at the piano and sing.” (VIBE)

Check out some recent Ja Rule footage below:

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