Ja Rule Calls NYC Gun Case Very Serious Situation, “I’ve Been Trying To Block It Out” [Video]

Ja Rule Calls NYC Gun Case Very Serious Situation, “I’ve Been Trying To Block It Out” [Video]

New York rapper Ja Rule has discussed his upcoming felony gun case set to take place in late summer and what consequences he faces if found guilty.

Despite the seriousness of being charged with gun possession from a 2007 arrest, Rule said he has been trying to keep a clear head.

“I got a job to do right now so I haven’t really been thinking about it, I’ve been trying to block it out,” Ja said in an interview with DJ Vlad. “You don’t want things like that interfering with your work, so, that is a very serious situation. I’m gonna deal with it accordingly — [I’m facing] four years…[When Lil Wayne took his plea deal], I was a little disappointed because I feel as though there was an injustice being done in this case. It’s the same night of my arrest. We got arrested within hours apart…I felt both parties were innocent. But you know, this is the business we’re in and the things we got to deal with. Sometimes we gotta make a decision — he made one and I made one, now we gotta deal with the consequences.” (Vlad TV)

Earlier this month, a judged decided to allow DNA evidence to be used against him during the trial.

Rapper Ja Rule was dealt a legal blow Tuesday when a judged ruled DNA evidence could be used by the prosecution during his gun possession trial. A lawyer for the 34-year-old performer, whose real name is Jeffrey Atkins, questioned whether tactics used to test a small amount of DNA recovered from the weapon are scientifically reliable. Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Richard Carruthers decided that “low copy” DNA evidence is legally acceptable and may be used in Atkins’s trial going forward. Atkins’s request for a hearing on the matter was denied in a written ruling. (DNA Info)

Rule will have an opportunity to defend himself on August 18.

The August court date comes after the judge denied Rule’s request for a hearing regarding DNA evidence. According to the New York Post, prosecutors claim that a miniscule amount of the hip-hop artist’s DNA was found on the handgun. However, Rule’s lawyer, Stacey Richman, has argued that the DNA sample is too tiny to provide reliable test results. Yet, the judge asserted the reliability of the DNA test methods, referencing a case in which the same DNA testing that Rule’s defense is contesting became instrumental in exonerating a defendant who spent four years in jail. The Post also reported that Richman will explore whether the judge might be willing to re-evaluate his decision regarding the DNA testing. (MTV)

An appeal on the DNA decision is reportedly in the works for Rule.

Defense lawyer Stacey Richman said she planned to appeal the ruling. Ja Rule, who has pleaded not guilty to criminal weapons possession, was allowed to skip the proceeding for a movie shoot out of town. The case against him stems from a stop of his $250,000-plus Maybach sports car after a July 2007 concert. Police say they found a loaded semiautomatic gun in a rear door of the car. (Associated Press)

Check out Ja Rule speaking on his case below:

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