Ja Rule Brings The “Pain” Before Heading To The Big House

Ja Rule Brings The “Pain” Before Heading To The Big House

New York rapper Ja Rule has revealed plans to drop his upcoming Renaissance Project and forthcoming Pain Is Love 2 solo albums a day before receiving his expected two-year jail sentence this June.

Rule broke the news early Friday (March 18) morning.

“Me and @iam7Aurelius making history AGAIN PIL2,R.P. both dropping June 7!!! I’m not playing wit y’all…,” he tweeted.

“#RenaissanceProject June 7th… Pain is Love 2 June 7th… Let’s goooooo!!!”

“I WILL NOT LOSE!!! #WINNING… June 7th!!!” (Ja Rule’s Twitter)

Rule recently opened up about fans being able to witness his maturation on his next LP.

“We in Miami doing it, putting the finishing touches on the [Renaissance] project,” Rule said in an interview. “Finishing that up and we’re getting started on [Pain Is Love 2]. Yeah, Pain Is Love 2. Yeah, it’s about to go down. The Renaissance Project, it’s got a real soulful vibe, a real music vibe. It’s rider music. When you listen to the album, it’ll put you in a different zone — I dealt with the women on the album, you know, different than what you’re used to. It’s kind of like grown-up conversation. When you’re young and you’re making records towards the ladies, sometimes they can be rather derogatory. ‘B*tch, h*e this, B*tch, that.’ So you know, with some of the records on this album, they’re more on an intellectual level when I’m talking to the ladies. It’s more of a relationship that we’ve been in for a long time that we know how to talk to each other verbally…” (Rule York)

Based on last week reports, Rule will be sentenced on June 8th.

Ja Rule is set to go to prison in June in a New York City gun case. On Wednesday, a judge set a June 8 date for the platinum-selling rapper-actor’s sentencing. His lawyer says he’ll spend the intervening months finishing a new album, “Renaissance Project,” and taking care of tax matters. The 35-year-old performer pleaded guilty in December to attempted weapon possession. He agreed to a two-year prison term. (Wall Street Journal)

Last week, Rule’s attorney confirmed the extension and said the rapper will handle other matters in the meantime including the Renaissance LP.

The extra time will allow the 34-year-old performer to settle a lingering federal tax matter and finish his latest album, said his lawyer, Stacey Richman. Ja Rule — caught with a loaded, unlicensed gun back in July, 2007 — left court smiling broadly. “We want to finish the album, and there’s also a tax issue,” said Richman. “Somebody, an accountant, had filed an incorrect form, and this is to correct what was done in the past,” she said. (New York Post)

Check out some recent Ja Rule footage down below:

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