Ja Rule Analyzes Alfamega’s DEA Claims, “I Don’t Condone Any Form Of Telling”

Ja Rule Analyzes Alfamega’s DEA Claims, “I Don’t Condone Any Form Of Telling”

Considering Ja Rule‘s previous claims that 50 Cent acted as a snitch in the past, he offered SOHH his thoughts on the controversy surrounding Alfamega‘s alleged cooperation in return for a lighter jail sentence.

Rule broke down the his relationship with Mega and his opinion on “snitching” as opposed to lying.

“It’s funny because I know Alfamega too,” he explained. “I don’t know his whole situation but I don’t condone that sh*t. I don’t condone snitching at all…Of course I’m gonna have a talk with Alfamega and be like, ‘What’s up with that, what’s happening?’ I’m a street n*gga, I don’t condone that. My man is doing motherf*cking life because of snitching…When people get in tempted situations and they back is against the wall, people do different things…From where I’m from, I don’t condone any form of telling. I know cases where guys have got locked up and told on they enemies, now maybe lying and making up a whole story where nothing has to do with nothing, I don’t know. That’s a grey area. I don’t know whether I consider that snitching, telling the cops a lie that has nothing to do with nothing if you’re just making up a story…If you not from the crime world and you tell the police something, then that’s what I expected you to do because you don’t come from this…Snitching is for n*ggas that live by the code…gets caught and then tells on the next n*gga.” (SOHH)

Alfa recently said the DEA paperwork was fabricated and painted him as a “snitch.”

“I ain’t never snitched on nobody,” Alfa promised in a self-made video recording. “A lot of people read, but they don’t understand. They hear but they don’t listen…Dude never had a heroin case, he had a cocaine case. So I know whoever sent that document out, somebody typed it up from something and put something together but I’m gonna give y’all the real deal of how it was. I didn’t know Ali, don’t know Ali to this day…Somebody put the pressure on me and it wasn’t the government or nobody like that. They wanted me to basically lie on this dude, it was up to me to either play the hand I was dealt or fold. If I play the hand I was dealt, I’m looking at 30 to 40 [years in prison]. If I fold, that means I’m still in the game. So I went ahead and folded. From the time I did it, I was remorseful about it. It hurt me because I ain’t snitched on dude, I lied on this dude….I was loyal to somebody that made me lie on somebody.” (YouTube)

Last week, Alfa made headlines after writing T.I. a two-page open letter.

“On the real, I’m not coming to you as a disgruntled crying a**ed b*tch who’s mad about being let go,” Alfa wrote. “I’m coming to you as a man who is disappointed that he was publicly exiled by a friend. You’ve often said that you’re a man of your words but hommie; you are not being true to your words…I rode for you when there was no one else there to ride for you. 24/7, I was on call for you pimp. On many occasions, I sidelined my family choosing to risk my early demise for you. With a little cheddar, you can easily employ dudes to kill for you all day every day. Conversely, try finding someone who will put their life on the line and die for you…I was the first person you called when you got into that altercation in LA with Shaka‘s DTP people. Without any questions, I was right there ready to go to war for you…Time after time, I defended your honor because you were my dawg; if they disrespected you, they disrespected me…Once this is published, I’m giving you a week to call me. Should you choose to not call me within that timeframe, I’ll know exactly where we stand. At that point, we’ll separate…Hope you come home soon pimp, keep your head up and let all the bull go. Don’t worry about propaganda, people always gone talk.” (Down South)

The rapper recently questioned Tip’s past statements about his criminal background and denied working for the DEA.

“Am I snitching in the hood,” he asked laughing. “It’s like people say I can’t go back in the hood, when I heard that I was in the hood. They still say I can’t go back to the hood but I was in the hood when I heard I couldn’t go back…Me and the dude [they say I snitched on] Ali, didn’t have any business together, ever. Me and Ali never been in the streets together, hustling, things like that. I apologized to dude because his name got caught up in a whole lot of things…How do you intentionally conceal your criminal past? Intentionally? Everybody in the streets knows me. Tip knew what I had been locked up for, I had been locked up for a gun. I went to jail for a gun. He talked to dudes who did time with me. His uncle and everybody did time with me. He was in prison with me…I don’t work for no motherf*cking DEA. I have never worked for the DEA. I had gun charges.” (Gyant Unplugged)

Check out Alfamega recently speaking on the DEA paperwork below:

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